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By Sylivvannus - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 16, 2018, 08:43:46

Mummification went through a lot of changes to become what it is now. The current form of it however seems to be kinda incomplete. The way it works is not realy convincing - why does it cause the change of appearance? Its not like Xelors are getting some additional powers after transformation into a mummy (morover they are even punished for that since they can't deal damage with spells) - they are rather bewitching all entities on the battlefield with Telefrag state. What about a little adjustment? Instead of covering the whole map with Telefrag state, the caster will recive an ability to ignore spells requirements for Telefrag state. So basically for Xelor under the effect of Mummification any target will be like a target in the Telefrag state! Xelor transforms into a mummy and gets special power in the process. Additionally i think that MP bonus should last for two turns. According to the lore (Ganymede's and Herdegrize's Xelor's Sandglass) Xelors uses bandages to protect themselves from temporal distorsion and accoriding to the beliefs of the ancients, mummification was a practice performed to aquire life after death. It perfecty shows, that Mummification should have some protective properties (because why then calling this spell Mummification?). What about decreasing damage recived from enemies that are realy in Telefrag state? Damage reflect (with reduction)? Or maybe protection from states preventing movement? From more cosmetic things - some change in animation of the spell and  redesign of the mummy's appearance would be appreciated. Xelors are already covered with bandages so now it looks like they are disrobing... Since Mummification grants movement points maybe some levitating mummies in style of Tal Kasha? (but not too decorative and exaggerated)
And the last thing - please, bring old Dust back. This new one is realy situational and chaotic (fault of the greater area?). Old version wasn't OP and it was realy handy in positioning. It was just fair. 
What do You think?

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Mummification does have other additional effects, including putting all allies and enemies into a telefrag state. Allowing the Xelor class to remove the maximum amount of ap with clock, hand and slowdown.

Although the 100% power buff was removed when consuming a telefragged state whilst mummification was active, which is a shame.
Another option is to use mummification for 2ap last after damaging on a specific turn, to gain the extra 2 movement points. Also performing a telefragged state for the following turn on all targets to double the damage of spells like Dark Ray, or preparing to remove ap.

I agree that Xelors do need a slight improvement to their damage output or equal sustain with one addition of a possible erosion, shields, steals or healing spell.
Currently they have a hard time with ap reduction, it is lack luster against those with high ress loss; which is now easier to achieve with the additon of new spell effects and the introduction of shields.
Spells like synchro are easy to counter for most classes; but harder to pull off and it leaves Xelor's with 1ap less as long as it is present on the field.

One other difficulty Xelor's face comes from the 1st turn global cooldowns of many spells.
As many classes can buff mp or have other means of teleportation without the global restrictions and have effective damage with low cost spells that also provide steals.
Without the range from strength and agility spells that provides reasonable damage, it leaves xelors floating for one turn with nothing to do except cast to provide ap to allies or buff your own xelors ap for the following turn.

The amount of blitzing and steal setups that have also immerged in Elios, Ougis, Ecas, Sacs, Srams, Sadis, Cras, and Huppers; where with equal gear that provide similar ressistances and elemental+damage states. - These classes would normally win, simply because of the utility the classes can support and the damage output at melee or at range can overwhelm a Xelor; before they get a chance to make contact.

I feel the margin for error in relation to decision making would have to be perfect for the Xelor class and to the extent where you have to hope that the mentioned classes make small mistakes against the effects of Xelor based spells.
Because class wise they seem below par in most of their builds.

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Thanks for Your response. Xelor for sure have some issues and this was my suggestion of improvement for at least one of them. Whats Your opinion about it? I thought that replacing the effect of putting everyone in the Telefrag state for the ability to ignore spells requirements for Telefrag state to trigger additional effects and compensating the lack of power buff for each Telefrag removed would make Mummification more neat.

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