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By karakum1 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 17, 2018, 07:39:34

Sadidas have many builds available to them, and most of those builds are more viable the more trees you have up

For example full on str build requires to plant 3 trees in 1st turn alone. And the longer fight goes the more trees there are. Trees are a good mechanics, i like it a lot but there is one huge undertaking to that

Small summon (tofu, bombs, dolls) takes up 1 cell
Characters and common summons take up 2 cells
Leafy tree mesh takes up to 6 cells!

Keep it in mind, this is a 2ap spell avelible every turn, that is a part of core sadida mechanics, ment to be used often.

Str builds are most rewarding if you have at least 5 leafy trees, this up to 30 cells blocked by tree meshes.
Int/Agi builds with Earthquake there is no limit: the more trees you have the better

While it does create a feeling of a forest, one cant help but feel discouraged using this mechanics. It forces us to turn on creature mode full time, which takes away from the expirience.

Please save Dofus from overforestation!
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Yay I guess someone agrees with me that it's visually saturated xD

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never trust a sadida

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They are in the trees man!

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