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Destroying Items

By Yoaman1234 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 30, 2018, 16:23:22


After the recent update, the drop rate of many low-level items have been modified (higher % chance of dropping the item.) In light of this, I feel like over time, I've accumulated a lot of junk items from killing Piwis in order to remove the lurgi debuff. Every time this happens, I drop lots of Piwi equipment which is annoying to keep clearing out in my inventory across all my accounts.

Therefore, my suggestion is implementing a select feature that allows players to select multiple items for them to be destroyed, transferred to the bank/trash or traded in one single go (instead of double clicking/dragging EVERY single item.) Hope you guys agree. 

Volox ^^

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First Ankama intervention

Thank you Yoaman1234 for your suggestion, it has been shared with the team. smile

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Thank you Yoaman1234 for your suggestion, it has been shared with the team. smile

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A much better thing to happen would be if you can group your team into a group and when you search the bank of one of the group for a item it show how many of that item you have for the whole group this would be a godsend
so I dont have to seach the bank on 7 different accs for the same item.

All your banks belong to us.

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But maybe I don't want that some random group knows what kind of stuff I have in my bank that I just occasionally started running a dungeon with? Would be alright if it is an option in that is toggled off for standard, so you can toggle it on if you're a multiaccounter or just keep it off as solo.

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