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New Dungeon On Moon Island.

By WHOATEMYTOFU - SUBSCRIBER - May 04, 2018, 06:07:40

I was wondering what everyone would think on a new dungeon on Moon Island Involving the Turtles/kokos? I think it would be a pretty cool dungeon.

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A low level dungeon would be nice. The boss could be the "Turtle Wagon" that continuously summons the four turtle, until defeated.
Drops from the boss could be resources to craft the four turtle set, the cape would be a turtle half-shell. And when there would be a engineer profession, we could drop parts to craft a new type of mount, the Turtle Wagon, a mechanical ride-able vehicles.  

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I like the idea! a new mount could be pretty cool!  and i agree with  the boss layout you have said. I think it could be a fun dungeon. Turtles Need love too!

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