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Cras and beacons

By ichbinshoo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 06, 2018, 17:18:45

Hello, everyone

I'd like to make a little suggestion regarding Cras and their beacons:

Since it is impossible to have more than a single tactical beacon in play, it would be a lot nicer to be able to replace your current beacon without actually needing a spare summon slot to replace it. To simply remove beacons from the summon count, the same way a new cawwot is planted, or a Sadida plants a new tree, or a Foggernaut summons a turret. Or at least allow beacon replacement without needing an extra "summon slot" available.

Item choice becomes very restrictive if Cras have to actually worry about +Summons while not being a summoner class.

An example to further clarify: a Cra needs 4 summons instead of 3 if a Chafer, a Tactical Beacon and a Recall Beacon are in play, and then wish to replace this tactical beacon, even if casting the spell with an active beacon involves first destroying the current beacon in play. 

I believe the same happens when an Osa tries to cast Replacement while at her maximum summon capacity. They actually need a "spare" summon to cast the spell, even if the spell involves first killing a summon (thus making space for its replacement).

Sorry for any grammar mistakes and I'd appreciate some feedback from fellow players. Your thoughts on this?


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First Ankama intervention

Thank you Inchbinshoo for this suggestion, we have made note of it for the team for you!

See message in context
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Thank you Inchbinshoo for this suggestion, we have made note of it for the team for you!

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Thanks Sabi!

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The dev team has looked into your suggestion and the major concern is that if the Cras are allowed to create obstacles too easily, it might make the class too powerful.

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I understand their concern. Indeed a ranged class shouldn't be capable of mass summoning obstacles.
But I also thought since the spell first destroys the current beacon in play, spamming obstacles through these spells was already prevented by this mechanic. 

Thanks for the feedback, Sabi! 

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