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Dofus quests are the absolute worst content and why.

By Chalitis - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 15, 2018, 23:47:03

Dear ankama, 

Why do you force every player to do every single part of the content?
I've been playing dofus for many years and I, just like most of the players, absolutely hate the quest lines. Some people enjoy them, but old school players who had the best time before frigost 3 do not. You have not offered anything new to players like me, every single dofus egg requires doing hundreds of boring, annoying quests with terrible optimization for multi accounters. Grinding dungeons has no profit due to achievement rewards. 

It feels like you're just trying to get rid of players like me who enjoyed to do their own thing and grind the pvm content without being forced into clicking over every single npc that gets in our way. But now, if you don't do quests you get nothing, you fall behind.

You got team of 8x lvl 200 chars?, doesnt matter, you still need to run and do some low level five year old quests which turn out to be very important towards another new dofus egg, why? Why make this shit so irritating? We do not care about your quest lines weather we do them or not. You're just making us quit. Most of my old school friends have quit, and the rest moved to dofus 1 server cuz of this.

But can't there really be another way?  Can't you stop catering the game only towards solo character, achievement loving players? Every time I've done a major quest line to acquire some dofus I've quit the game for some months just over how up to my neck the quests feel. I would love to see some sort of value in playing many accounts again. The game is utterly boring now that there is no more rng. Just quests and achievements with guaranteed rewards. This is no fun to players like me. Please do something. 

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I don't see the problem. You're not forced to do the quests on all your 8 characters, or on any character at all. If you call that being forced, then so-called "solo character achievement loving players" are forced to do dungeons for every major quest line too.

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I've been playing dofus for many years and I, just like most of the players, absolutely hate the quest lines. Some people enjoy them, but old school players who had the best time before frigost 3 do not.

You're just making us quit. Most of my old school friends have quit, and the rest moved to dofus 1 server cuz of this.

Actually, single accounters are the real old school players. I disagree that "most" players hate questlines, only the few MAers hate it.

Most old school players who quit are those who hate MAing and the 8-man team grind. Ankama have to change the questlines to address that problem.
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I heavily disagree with the OP. Quests for powerful relics (especially the Dofus) is so much more rewarding than "just grind some dungeon 1800 times with high prospecting teams" There's tangible progression, and with a handful of exceptions (looking at you, Leng's plateau) there isn't much luck involved in your ability to progress towards a powerful item.

I'm looking forward to the vulbis receiving a questline.

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As others above me said, as a single accounter, the quests for the Dofus are a way for me to actually have a shot at possessing them. Whenever I want to get a Dofus, I just gather 2-3 friends and we do the complete questline together. It's always more fun to do them while talking with your friend than repeating it 8 times on your own.

Players with teams have a easier time killing mobs, easier time getting through endgame content, easier time making money than single accounters. If you only want to grind mobs and not do the questline, than do that and save up the Kamas to be able to buy the Dofus. They aren't that expensive when you think about it (at the exception of the Ivory Dofus and the Vulbis Dofus). Most of the time, ressources from high level mobs, in endgame dungeons, are worth the most. Said dungeons aren't accessible for someone like me, unless I've a group of friends who want to do the same dungeon over and over again.

My main point is that quests are helpful for players that can't make 10,000,000 kamas easily by grinding mobs in order to receive 4x or 8x the loot (based on how many characters you have in your team) and buy off the Dragon Eggs. They might be long, they might be tedious, but so was leveling a character to 200 before Frigost, which you seem to despise so much, and running souls forever with a team. Plus, wasn't the game about "Your Heroic Quest to Find the Legendary Dofus" all along?
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I am an old school player, started before FRigost was even on the map. I want more dofus quest lines. They are great to explore the content, some steps are annoying, sure, but not as much as grinding Crocabulia.
Please Ankama, more dofus questlines !

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To be fair to MA'ers, I don't mind if there would be 2 ways to get Dofus.
1. Thru questlines (current)
2. Thru low drops rate (previous system)

Ankama should really think about how they make their decision. It is good to add or buff something (positive change), than to remove or nerf something (negative change). Instead of removing the low drop rate system of obtaining Dofus, they should have only added the one time questline system alongside the old system.

If only Ankama would think about this principle, there would be less player loss in the game.

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I get what you're saying but I think Ankama's rationale is along the lines of "If something is legendary, like the original 6 dofus, then they should have an equally daunting task, such as difficult quests, with which to obtain them."  Vs "smash this dungeon boss till it coughs one up."  From a roleplaying perspective it makes sense.  But I understand the frustration.

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I think Ankama think that they're not forcing anyone to do anything in Dofus, because they have the idea that each player can focus on whatever is most fun to that player, and use the things that can only be obtained from that activity to buy things that only those who focus on some other activity can obtain.

And they actually think that this will both make sense to players and work in reality. huh

Edit: removed unnecessary comment.

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I see OP didn't get a lot of support here so I'll play the devil's advocate here.

I would bring poor quest design forward as by far the biggest issue. The quest design in the game is dated, not even a bit. Quests as they are currently worked great 8 years ago but now things are a little different. Now the game is much larger and quest lines have gotten long, taking you through many parts of the world. Many things you normally do actually have a quest associated with it. But the starting point of that quest may be on the other side of the world. Not the most intuitive system.

I'd like to give an example of a good quest, any frigost dungeon quest. It starts as you enter the dungeon and is completed as you finish the dungeon. Quick, easy, simple, you are rewarded for what you're doing as you're doing it, no need to look for an obscure npc somewhere and get on the 5th step of a quest to get to do the dungeon for a reward.

I'd suggest trying a new quest system (something similar to what a certain other MMO has done in the past), as you enter a new area, you are given the quests available in the area immediately. You may start doing them instantly, no need to look for an obscure npc in some building somewhere. When the quest is completed you may need to report to an npc but you would be given it's position automatically. This would keep the story telling aspect of the quests. If a quest would have multiple steps, make all of them an objective list that can be done in any order. If only a part of a quest would be done in the said area, allow the players to do that part of the quest without starting a quest prior to this, have it automatically activated.

This new system would instantly let people know what they should be doing in an area, automatically put people together making it a more social experience making it easier to find groups for solo accounters, reduce frustration, feeling of lost time, but not easier for MAs as well.

Dahos|2018-10-29 22:48:32
 they should have an equally daunting task, such as difficult quests

Thematically and on paper sounds cool but in practice few quests in this game are hard, most are just time consuming and frustrating. And the good ones can be hidden from players as they require lots of prerequisite horrible quests (for example the last step of crimson quest is great but barely any players will get to see it since nearly everything before that in the quest line is just poor quest design).
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