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Make the OCHRE and VULBIS dofus effects be dependent on %max health sustained since the last turn.

By Vegittto - SUBSCRIBER - July 20, 2018, 16:01:48

For instance, for the Ochre:

 "Gives 1 AP if you have suffered damage lower than 5% of your max HP, since the last game turn."

In this way, the range of usability of both these dofuses expands to include close-range classes, instead of only Cras or other long-range classes, and would also be consistent with pre-existent effects based on %HP, like the Emerald dofus.


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i dont have a vulbis sad

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That doesn't help cc at all. If you are cc and only taking 5% damage then you are cc'ing wrong. The only thing this would help are the long ranged characters that some mob or enemy decides to cast one spell on for no reason. You're suggestion only further separates the uses of ochre for ranged classes and not cc classes as now ranged classes will have a little lee-way to take some damage and can be a bit more aggressive and still get the 1ap/ 1mp boost.

This does the opposite of what you are wanting.

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Not quite, make it 10% then. Tank classes with high HP or %res will demand a larger AP usage to get them lower than 10% HP. The way it is, a simple Liberation can allow for not having the extra AP of the Ochre.

This change will make at least some spells to be specifically focused on the character wearing the Ochre. A simple AOE spell or Leek pie can be unable to break through the 10% (or 5%) HP for tanky characters. In this way, tanks can also benefit from the Ochre/Vulbis.

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