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Ice Dofus needs a buff

By ichbinshoo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 30, 2018, 13:00:44

Dear Ankama and fellow players,

I believe it is time to buff the Ice Dofus and I'd like to share my ideas why.

The game as it is now revolves way too much around resistances and character bulkiness, in my opinion.

The number of items with double 10% resistances increased, a huge part of players prefer exomaging or overmaging resistance without second guess before anything else (which is way too easy), some classes have final damage reduction, shields which apply damage reduction usually offer practically no drawbacks with certain classes, trophies offer 12% resistance each and pets with 26% resistance, practically every class nowadays is able to heal based on their target max health (thus increasing the "problem" with bulky characters) and now we have a nerf to %erosion of most spells in the game. Then, on top of that, we have the Ivory Dofus which further increases bulkiness.

Give the Ice Dofus a secondary effect to help balance things and give us even more tactical options. Something like: At the beggining of the turn, increases the damage inflicted by the first attack by 20% 
The Ice Dofus has one of the biggest quest line in the game, it is a level 180 Dofus and still we see people treat it like garbage. Even the Crimson Dofus (yes, a primordial dofus, but still a low level dofus) has a decent secondary effect and it gives 80% power (which for a vast amount of spells and weapons with decent base damage, represents even more than 25 damage if you do the math). 

What is your opinion on this? Yay or nay?
Feel free to share your feedback!

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Thats what devs said about it when presenting changes to the dofus system:
"This Dofus doesn't have an equivalent and competing trophy, but we still want to reinforce its use. Its damage bonus has therefore been changed from 20 to 25." 
Its true there is no 25 damage trophy, but i agree with You - ice dofus should have some active bouns just as other powerful dofus - that crimson dofus comparsion is a good point. However in my opinion this effect should go along with ice theme, something like: first attack in the turn removes 1mp (or ap eventually or even both). 
+ don't tell me it's because of +25 damage

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Yes very good Idea 

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In response to Sylivvannus, yes the Ice Dofus does not have an equivalent trophy and as such I doubt we will ever see a remaking of the Ice Dofus's stats.  As it stands it is quite good for those characters that are omni as I see it in most omni sets.  As the Ice Dofus is not a primordial dofus it will never be as powerful but it does have its uses.  
Also, if you're comparing questlines to the worth of the dofus it provides I'd argue the Towers of the Brotherhood questline is particularly arduous compared to the Lavasmith dofus it gives.  

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Choice between dofus and its equivalent trophy is just one option, but not the only one (like in this case Crimson Dofus). Even in those omni sets it's almost always a second choice after Crimson. Nobody is talking about remaking its stats - it's about giving it additional active bonus. And maybe it's not primodrial but it's powerful enough

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to run the device, which can shorten the winter.
Vulbis Dofus for example is not primordial but i would say it's still comparable.
Since there is a clear distinction between dofus and trophy there should be some specific mechanic to justify this; for the consistency sake each dofus should have additional active bonus. 
And for the Lavasmith Dofus: maybe it's worth creating "Buff/remake Lavasmith Dofus" thread? 
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