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Add buy orders?

By Belror - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 31, 2018, 10:20:37

Hi i love the universe of Dofus so much, every time i get into the game i try to make kamas a lot of different ways, i just enjoy getting richer in every game, but oh man the market is bad, when you have 500.000k in objects at sale, leave to sleep, come back the next day and find you sold only 5000k it is the worst feeling, just because someone lowered it by 1k, you feel like you are wasting your time.

I tried out EVE and didn't really like how slow everything is in that game, but the thing i loved was buy orders, you could do whatever job that you would be able to get money instantly, you would make extra money with selling orders, yes, but this way you feel acomplished instantly, you got money for your work, you don't have to wait 4 days until your stuff sells.


I forgot to explain what buy orders are, sorry, the same way that you can place something for sale: p.ex: 100 wheat, you can place buy orders, if you want something that in the market costs 3000k you can place a buy order for whatever quantity for 2700k each, if someone comes and sells to a buy order, the exchange is instant.

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Buying all your items for 1 kama each.

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In EVE the normal rate is 70-80% value of sell orders so yeah, much more than 1k biggrin

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Yes please, this is great idea.

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Well this would certainly flip how the whole market works to a GuildWars2/Runescape style. This would also kill resellers or rather make the good ones adapt and become a gud AH player. This in essence makes reselling so easy that you can literally sit on the market all day with enough capital and profit to infinity if you find your niche/strategy. Would be hard to adapt it to the dofus system tho since all the items have random values and also can have values that exceed their standard stats like exos/overmages. This would require an option to select "all stats" or specific stats for it to work fully.

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The buy system has been proposed for years. There have been ideas of market orders at shops, bidding systems, and reverse merchants. The last is the system I most like. A  person could go into merchant mode, but instead of putting items for sale, he would list what he wanted and what he was willing to pay, and then when people sold to him the kamas would be deducted from him and the items added to his inventory. It could even be included in the existing merchant interface as a separate tab. Like the number of items a merchant could sell, the number he could buy would be limited to his level, and obviously his capital. This system would clearly be limited to resources and consumables, as equipment would be too variable and is already mostly requested in the trade channel.

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I think it's good for both buyer and seller
For buyer
Get cheap price

For seller(quicksell)
Sometimes I want to hunt mats for buyer, so I know which mats I should go hunt for profit
And some people might want to clear inventory/bank to buyer

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