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Kolossium match-up suggestions.

By Chalitis - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 01, 2018, 13:10:43

Don't you just love the times in kolossium when you know you will lose the 3vs3 fight before its even started because opponents have one or two pillar classes and you have none? That's too bad my friend, because ankama doesn't give a shit. 
 Ankama releases op new spells for classes like sacrier/osa which hands down are the most op classes in this game and then they take HALF A YEAR to tune them down a little bit. Everyone plays osa or sacri because of this, but this isnt the only problem. 
Lets assume that ankama really doesn't have the tiny little brain power needed to lower the effects of spells of these op classes. Oh no, that's not all because they also like to think its a good idea to allow random 3vs3 kolossium match-ups between teams such as osa/sacri/iop vs cra/eca/masq. In other words three op classes with insane sustainability vs three okayish classes which really don't stand a chance in this case. 

So my suggestion to you players is - don't spend ogrines on anything else but p2p until they fix this nonsense class balance. 

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I've said it before, but if certain class combinations are too strong for competitive play (banned combinations in DWS), they shouldn't be allowed in kolo matchmaking either.


Gunnerwolfang|2018-08-01 16:00:56
Long queue time hurts the experience of playing the game. If the matchmaking has to take a hit for that, then it should.

If something is deemed too unbalanced for professional teams to have to deal with it, and they have an advantage of knowing what their opponents will be in advance, access to every item in the game, and unlike kolossium, even the opportunity to choose a mount in what is essentially their fight preparation stage. How is it even remotely okay for random matchmaking to allow someone to have to go up against it with no preparation?

And if you don't think less people are queuing as a result of bad matchmaking, you're out of touch. And we all know what lower population does to queue times.

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If they do that in kolo, it could make the queuing time longer. There is no queuing problem in DWS so they can implement ban on certain combinations.

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Nerd-Tease|2018-08-01 16:55:20
And if you don't think less people are queuing as a result of bad matchmaking, you're out of touch. And we all know what lower population does to queue times.

It is not that I don't think less people are queuing due to bad matchmaking. What I am saying is that there are more people who would not want to wait for a long time to be matched.

There are more players who would hate to be matched once every 1-3 hours for a dream balanced match with a 50/50 chance of winning compared to getting 2-4 match every hour with unbalanced matches. Even if they only win one of that unbalanced match, that would still be 1 win every hour compared to a 50/50 chance to win every 1-3 hours. 

Would you want to lose 3 times and win 1 time every hour?
Would you want to wait for 3 hours for a 50/50 chance to win in a balanced match?
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I play as a chance osa, and the coming class balancing does not affect the chance osa that much, i will still be able to dominate the 1 v 1 kolo match ups.

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