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An actual improvement to the market that already exists in Wakfu (but not in dofus)+ more.

By jeteemluzak - SUBSCRIBER - September 05, 2018, 01:25:39

Hi all,

I propose a couple of improvements that can benefit a lot of players:

1- the one from Wakfu - you see in Wakfu you can view ALL the offers that are on sale for EVERY single item.
Pretty simple huh? It's also a toggle - you can view only the cheapest items if you don't want to look for the cheapest ones yourself. Let's add that option to Dofus: to see all of the items on sale - all stacks of 1/10/100 or even add option no. 2(more on that later)
As to why this is useful: How many times were you shopping for some 1% drop rate resources only to find yourself missing 1 or 2 because the game doesn't let you see if it's even worth to bother yourself with buying 15 stacks of 1? (say that you managed to buy 1x 10 and 3x1 stacks or 11 stacks of 1 and you are missing 2 or 4 respectively)

2- Add custom stack sizes. Seriously every game has this, WoW, Guild Wars 2 etc. even your other own mmo Ankama - Wakfu! It is very useful because sometimes you need large amounts and would like to buy 50 for an item or for whatever other reason. Now if we had the first option in game I think it could kind of replace the second one but it would still be useful nevertheless.

3- Make improvements to the Avg. price - now for me this is a smaller priority thing, but still could be useful. The average should be based off the true average that would be updated every week (at maintenance). Also there should be a filter that would enable us to:
1) find the average for exos posted (this one could have longer windows of updates since the exos are not produced by the hundreds)
2) remove exos from the equations as to not inflate the true average market price for regular non Ap/Mp/Range/%res etc. exos. (So kind of like the beta mode, except it applies to not only the standard stats, but you'd be able to scan for example a +mp gelano).
I feel like this would improve some areas of the market, as we would get a true value of an item that'd be available for everyone.

4- Enable multiple stack price change - say you are selling roses/nuggets by the 100s of stacks. You know how painful it is to change the price on those stacks just so i can eventually sell them? Because a lot of ppl undercut, it is a huge time sink just to repost/change prices on all of the stacks manually. You can select them in beta mode, but you can only change one price at the time - what's up with that?! I mean you can in theory do a fast repost, but that costs you extra money (remove all + fast repost = saves you maybe 30-60% of the time but doubles the cost)

5- An API for the market? - now that is a stretch and i don't know if Ankama would ever do this, but maybe it is some suggestion that they were waiting for. (this is mostly a wild idea at this point since i know that it can be risky if done wrong)

And yeah, I've seen the "Buy order" thread but i don't think it would work that well. (All the resellers would lose their jobs in an instant lmao xD - could be positive, no more of that 90% off mats spam)

Anyways I hope you like my ideas,


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