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Class Poll

By Fablegamer - SUBSCRIBER - September 26, 2018, 01:29:10

I am getting tired of unbalanced pvp, I think it's fair that we have the option to vote.
My thoughts on this solution would be to make a poll on each classes spells, then players vote on what should be nerfed, when someone votes they can also comment on what would make it more balanced to give dofus an idea on how to fix this problem.

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I vote that all class spells except osamodas'* class spell should be nerf.
Comment: Make them all weaker to make them balanced. 

*Just swap in your favorite class.

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Osamoda is ridiculous can summon up to 15+ runs away with high ini and heals, no wonder why you love that lazy class..

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Terrible idea. Almost nobody will ever say "my class is OP, please nerf", so all you need is enough players to vote for another class and the classes that actually do have problems will never be nerfed.

Also, the amount of "plz nerf class X" complaints are often from some of the strongest classes that can faceroll almost everything else but complain when they encounter a class that they actually need some tactics for.

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Like gunner said, everyone, including me, would vote for all classes except own ones to be nerfed, and own classes to be buffed.

Plus, I got a guts feeling that the % of people looking on forums is pretty small compared to Dofus players base; and from those, even a smaller % actually votes on polls.
So, unless you'd come up with an idea to "force" everyone, or at least a great %, to vote, the results would be pretty irrelevant.

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