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Restructuring the balance in kolizeum 1 vs 1

By Xxx-anti-xxX - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 30, 2018, 03:20:16

Hello I want to talk today about balancing classes I know that there are too many topics have already talked about that, Today I'm going to talk exactly about balancing classes kolizeum 1 vs 1, as one of the most played and requested channels at this moment

If you take a look at map kolizeum you will find about 190 kolizeum fights 1 vs 1, and 10 to 15 fights of 3 against 3, this confirms the validity of my lyrics
The problem in Koliz 1 is that there are stronger classes than others.
Beginning with The osamodas this game class is totally unbalanced, my suggestions about class is to remove the gobball ability to remove the dodge and the black gobball to make the gravity state

Sram The Perfidate spell must surely be lowered
Before the sram when he is visible he was very weak now, despite visible he able to make enormous damages iop x 2, sincerely I hope that you will leave the damage of Sram tied to the traps and networks of the traps and Poison only

The Rogue 
He has a very powerful spell from which we can never escape from his bombs
Briefly spell Crossing must require a target like Magnet

Watchdog and Carving Up must lower their damage.

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The game is not getting balanced based on 1vs1 PvP, because the game was primarily balanced based on group play.

Take your osa nerf suggestion for example. Your issue is the gobbals' ability to remove dodge and their ability to put gravity state. When fighting group of enemy, those ability can only be applied to 1 enemy making them balanced. Ofcourse it would be problematic if you are the only one fighting against an osa, but it will not be a problem in group fights since your other ally will not be affected and can still move around.

Now if you remove those abilities, PvP will be severely affected since you will be completely removing those utilities that the osa depend on in order to be viable in epic contents. Osa is viable because they have the ability to disable 1 of their opponents in a group fight. Without this utility, they simply fall behind in viability.

Same goes for all other 1vs1 top tier class, their abilities excel in 1vs1, but are mediocre or just enough viable in group fights. removing them will greatly reduce their viability in group fights.

Now, instead of removing gravity and dodge removal, I opted to suggesting that summons be placed on the turn queue before the osas' turn (Summoning sickness system). This would make their summon not be able to act immediately, meaning that they can only apply their utility after their opponents have moved (with a spell that will allow summon(s) to act at once with limitations). With this, in 1vs1, the gobbals will not immediately lock or gravitate you, unless he used his ability to make the summon move immediately, but if he use that, it will take awhile before he can use it again so you can then punish the osa while he waits for that spell to cooldown.

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