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The winter is coming ...

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - October 03, 2018, 20:10:08

The winter is coming ...
... And so are the Ankama Shop special Noel Packs.
They have always had goodies in the same pack for more games of the Ankama universe.

If it is not too late for this suggestion to be taken into account, I was wondering, maybe could we please have, besides the usual-all-universe-pack, also some packs for some specific games? Like, a Noel pack only for Dofus, one only for Dofus Pets, etc. 
The thing is, that for as special and magic that special that the Noel packs are, I somehow feel like it would be a partial waste of money to get one, since besides codes that can be used for Dofus to get stuff in game, they are also goodies for other games, which I do not play.
I think it is safe to assume that the same feeling goes for players of other games, who would rather have more goodies in the game they play, rather than a whole collection of ig codes for ig goodies for games they have no interest in.

Thanks in advance for passing this idea to the marketing team.
I do hope it is not too late for it to be taken into account.

[ EDIT 1: ]
I would also absolutely love to see in the Anakama shop also some Dofus/ Dofus Pets post cards, or greeting cards, or both. The winter is coming ...

[ EDIT 2 : ]
Thinking it through, it would be a great idea to have in shop post cards and greeting cards for all sorts of celebrations: winter, spring, birthdays, etc etc etc.

[ EDIT 3 : ]
Oh, and did you guys ever think of making sheets of stickers for the shop?
Of course, one sheet themed on only one game from Ankama universe.

[ EDIT 4 : ]
How about dated agendas?
Also, each themed on a single game?

[ EDIT 5 : ]
Again, each themed on a  single game/ or manga/ or comics series/ etc?

[ EDIT 6 : ]
Big & medium mugs, and cups?
Also, themed on a single game/ manga/ etc ?

[ EDIT 7 : ]
Winter hats and scarfs and gloves? As sets with all 3 (with some %off) and as stand alone pieces?
The same, themed on a single game/ manga magazines/ etc?
Summer hats too?

[ EDIT * : ]
I am talking about the Ankama shop with irl things to be purchased, for irl money.
If you never had a look at it, I think you should. Lots of lovely things you could get, for yourself to collect, or as gift for dear friends (who might be already playing Dofus, or might start playing Dofus after receiving gifts from it).

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