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Stop Making Major Changes In Big Swipes... Smaller Steps Plz

By Nazarbayev - SUBSCRIBER - October 04, 2018, 11:38:28

As most players are aware, there are many bugs after each update. This last round might have been the worst in my experience. The game lags like a Borg Cube composed completely of Atari 2600s. Often there are freezes and then statements that an update needs to be installed before logging again (very annoying in say a dungeon). As well, almost every time I log in, I have to set up my Special Spells again if I am to use weapons and not empty slots. Not to mention, I have lost the spell Leak Pie on at least two of my characters.

I appreciate that the devs want to improve content, but instead of radical New Coke BPR, why not smaller steps that do not throw the whole system into disarray, risk causing epic fails in important situations, and waste players' limited time repeating actions? E.G. Pets could have been a separate update (BTW I lost at least a hundred Bwak eggs and still had lots of pet ghosts long after update) from class/spell changes.

In future, a more kaizen-like strategy might be less destructive than American-style radical sensationalism.

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