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New feature: Insert recipe into... marketplace!

By Theridox - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 06, 2018, 19:02:26

Hey there,

I like crafting professions. First of all,  I want to say the new market system is a nice improvement (combining the markets). Though i find myself 'pinning' a lot of recipes, and the manually searching for each of the ingredients...

Now, here comes my idea: "Insert the whole recipe in the marketplace"

How it works 
1. You either drag and drop an item in the search box (or right click: "insert item into market")
2. The marketplace now does multiple searches. One for each resources included in the recipe. 
3. The search result shows all the resources needed the craft the recipe, so you can make fast and easy purchases.

Below are included three images, illustrating this idea.

Do you find this idea great, and would like to see this included in the game? Show your support and love in the comments! smile
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