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Breeding Items

By Dahos - SUBSCRIBER - October 08, 2018, 19:10:45

The current method of placing breeding items into the paddock is overly cumbersome.  Currently I have to open my inventory and click the breeding item I want to place, then place it in the paddock, reopen my inventory to get the next one, and so on, up to 10 times depending on the amount of breeding items the paddock can hold. 
Many people have told me to place the breeding items in my shortcut bar but that does not work as each time the "stamina" of the breeding item is lowered it counts as a different item and no longer functions in my shortcut bar next time I go to use it. 
In addition, it is quite cumbersome to place breeding items behind/around each other as sometimes moving an item over the space behind another breeding item refuses to become highlighted in order to place it. 
I also have a large number of breeding items in my inventory that I use and sorting through them can be annoying since the sprites are so similar for so many. 

1.  It would be nice to have a way to sort breeding items by effectiveness.   
2.  It would also be nice to have a new/separate interface for breeding items when we pull up the paddock interface. Something like a storage shed for our breeding items only.  That way we can sort, place, move breeding items without having to open/close inventory windows and we have a central location from which to access them. 
3.  Additional features could be tutorial tips including information on the breeding item and how it affects mounts (increasing or lowering happiness/aggressiveness for example, which could help beginners). 

With the increased difficulty of breeding now I believe this will make a much more user friendly experience for both new and old breeders.  
If you have any other suggestions that you think would improve the user experience with breeding items let me hear your thoughts below. 

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I agree with all you have said. Indeed, I am absolutely positive there need to be major changes to the system in order to get more players to try the breeding profession. I myself completed the DT achievements long ago, but when the prices of DTs and then seemyools dropped to below the effort involved, I stopped. Ankama was correct in assessing that the fully-loaded public paddocks made breeding too easy. However, they arrived at the wrong solution. The current system is stressful, time-consuming and expensive. I really do not know how a new player could even start breeding without a virtually full-time tutor. I have lots of private paddocks, yet only one member of my guild avails himself of the access I grant between midnight and noon Dofus time, and this is not because of the schedule, but instead due to the complexities and expense of the breeding items.

Breeding is difficult, and, as you surmised, can be daunting to the beginner. This is why the public paddocks preloaded with breeding items were such a nice feature for neophytes to learn their way around breeding. Ankama needs to put all the public paddocks back, including breeding items at their previous effectiveness, but reduce their size to 3-4 mounts/items. This simple change could have achieved Ankama's goals of reducing the quantities of mounts, while still enticing players to participate in breeding.

Further, by allowing access only to the public paddocks in Astrub and a player's alignment city, new breeders would have a basic set of breeding items and be encouraged to participate in the alignment system. This is not to say that players would not be able to have other alignments on their alts, but to access that city's paddocks (including Pandala, Sufokia, Frigost Village, Coastal Village and Koala Village, which are all becoming real towns with all available markets and some with workshops, thus perfect for expanding the alignment system), they would need to achieve a minimum alignment level of 20-40 on an alt. Thus, currently a player would have access to a full set of basic paddocks, each holding 3-4 mounts (much below the previous 10) in Astrub, Bonta and Brak, and then in future they could have access to potentially five more alignment cities. By allowing players a 250 mount minimum per account, and then a bonus of 50 mounts for each city in which the player had achieved a minimum alignment rating on an alt, Ankama would: 1) limit the number of mounts; 2) promote breeding among new players; 3) reward players for achieving alignment quests; and, 4) provide a segue by which Ankama can escape the failure of alliances and return to the beloved city system.

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I like both of these ideas, except I don't think neutral players should be punished. Neutral alignment should be a viable third option.

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