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Little Things: Perc Attack Preparation Time

By Nazarbayev - SUBSCRIBER - October 16, 2018, 11:17:51

I am back with: "Little Things".^^

As some of you may remember, the multi-logging fiasco got us to the point where percs have become quite a minor part of the game. Few percs outside dungeons ever reach more than a 100kk value, thus the 30kk+ cost of buying or making and then defending a perc has become unprofitable, especially as even empty percs have become a tool for bored pvp-ers. I have proposed many solutions to this issue, most recently here, for which I am often eviscerated verbally on the basis that percs are freebies (ignoring the cost of buying or making them) or that it takes time to collect a hunting team (ignoring the fact that almost all teams have at least one multi-logger, and/or are formed of players with vast experience working together). Therefore, I have one simple suggestion...

Before an attack is posted on the defenders' alliance menu, all attackers should be shown. By giving attackers ~15 seconds for all to join before defenders can sign up for the defense, and allowing no more attackers to enter the fight after that point, defenders will at least know what they are fighting against. Currently, attackers bait defenders, often waiting till the last possible second to join their entire team. In addition to already having the benefit of a chosen and prepared team, this is just a jerk thing to do. Further, those defenders who are not really pvp, but who might join up to defend against a couple of attackers, are often just trounced as target practice when the surprise is let loose on them, forcing them to be humiliated and waste time and energy points.

Another small suggestion, though not such an important one, would be to show defenders the contents of the perc they might choose to protect, as most of us care not for defense of an empty one, which happens all too often these days.

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