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Telefrag improvements

By Sylivvannus - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 19, 2018, 19:01:59

Hello Everyone, 
when i was playing with Xelor i thought about some ideas that could improve Telefrag related mechanics and their preview. 

1. Synchro
This tricky summon gains power bonus whenever the Telefrag is generated once per turn. At the moment it is represented by its increased size and the Telefrag State symbol above it. This is misleading, and while more experienced Xelors will have no problem with it, beginners may mistake the symbol above Synchro for the real Telefrag State which will lead to unecessairy confusion. In addition when charged long enough it's a bit disturbing and covers the map (check the picture above). As a representation of such interesting mechanic as Telefrag it looks kinda dull. I thought that instead growing bigger it could have a symbol similar to the Telefrag State symbol with number inside which will tell how many times it was loaded. I think that this way it will provide better information and preview for Synchro.

2. Mummification
Last change to Mummification made it easier to use but in this shape it still provides very little help in situations when telefragging is problematic (especially when Xelor is using mainly Telefrag consuming spells) and these are the situations where this spell is supposed to shine. It's also very chaotic as every single entity gets a Telefrag State symbol above their head. My idea is that instead of giving Telefrag State to everyone, it will put Xelor in the Infinite Telefrag State (represented by telefrag state icon with infinity symbol inside it) which will allow to benefit from additional bonuses of spells without a need for the Telefrag State. The fact that it's a different state will explain why it lasts for just one turn (as normal Telefrag State lasts for two turns) and why it's possible to use it on onself (as normally Xelor can't put the Telefrag state on onself) While it may seem to be powerful, it lasts just for one turn and have a recast and generally its better to telefrag anyway. In addition mummy animation could levitate or something like this so it will somehow explain why it gives also MP bonus.
(not exactly like this, but sort of this way)

What do You think about this ideas? 
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I like the idea for the Synchro, but I think the Mummification change would be just too strong. Especially because if you're good at xel you can regularly get 2 or 3 times your starting AP by turn 3 (see Sapeuh's video). 

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I've watched this video before, but i don't think it have much to do with Mummification problem, however i would like to point out few things: specifically set up team was working through the three turns to acomplish this astonishing effect so it is not like Xelor magically created 29AP out of the random. Im aware that its bursting power is great, but in average it is less than 14AP per turn (with base 12AP; im not taking other two team members AP into consideration, which would even decrease the average). Also it's almost impossible to take a full advantage of that amount of AP in the given time and im not even mentioning that the setup for this is very precise and thus easy to break. If they decided to focus their buffs on Iop, the effects would be similar, but probably even more efficient (due to simpler nature of Iops spells).

Back to Mummification, i wouldn't be concerned much about it becoming too powerful as all telefrag removing skills are limited to two casts per target and three casts per turn, which means that it wouldn't exceed the effects of conventional telefrag combo. I also belive that it should be equally useful for all kinds of Xelors, not just for already popular Air Xelors. 

And btw. i really like Your Xelor videos. 

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