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State of echo server

By JohnTronXS - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 21, 2018, 05:24:25

Dofus server Echo is Starting to die quickly. pvp is basically non existent. theres one strong alliance and a bunch of little ones. When attacking percs, no one defends, Its really putting a damper on the game, everyone's bored, People are quitting left and right.

My suggestion, Is to merge echo with another server. preferably one that is alive. 

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The merge personally killed Dofus for me and you want more merge?
And what alive server can echo merge with? Do you mean a community merge? You want more community to die of mega lag? Until Ankama make a system to manage lag on high population server, they should think hard on merging. Either make a secondary lower population server or make an instanced system to avoid mega lag.

About AvA and Perc being no contest.... well, that is what it is. If you keep fighting the same perc hunting team that are fully synchronized, you will eventually come to the conclusion that it is futile to keep defending against them 24/7. Why even bother. None of those PvP system is exciting nor rewarding to exert any effort on.

Ankama need to think of a more exciting group PvP system like siege battleship/castle battles with guild ladders. 

About everyone getting bored, well what do they expect when the community asked for old content improvement/fixing instead of new exciting contents. Be careful what you ask for because Ankama just might give it to you.

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I do not often agree with Gunner, but in this case he is correct. I am on Echo, and have accounts in the three major alliances. I never attack anything, and only defend prisms when no better pvp-ers are available or I take part in KOTHS. Quite often, I defend against the same limited group of aggressors in all three alliances. I know it is a futile gesture without a full team, especially as I cannot know how many attackers there are till almost the last minute, a problem I have proposed a solution for here. I would suggest you focus on Kolo if you are a serious pvp-er.

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People dont def percs because they dont want to waste time in 50min-1:30h fight, or usually they are just bad at PVP. Btw Echo is not dying, for me I see more and more people at -1,0 for example.

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I agree with OP. I was originally on Rosal, and in the days before merging into Echo, the server was more and more dead. The server merge made the game enjoyable for a while. However, after a while some people moved to mono-account servers, some moved to 1.29 servers, and some left the game, and now Echo reminds me of the last days of Rosal. It's very easy to see bounties and archmonsters around with no one to fight them. /c, /b, /r are all silent most of the time. That might be good for some people, but the lack of activity makes the game very dull for me.

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Merg? Unactive echo? Bro i gusse u never seen Old servers like solar.. Its dying but sllowly, it far from grave as for now.

pvp i bs actualy xD there is no fun to fight vs reaper builds who reap u to 0ap even with 120ap res and hiting u in same time, also there is no fun to facing double pilars at kolo.. Just not balanced.. So why pvp should by active in this case?
perc Def is pointles, no reward for efforts..
ava? Last place where u can get a bit nice pvp but well.. U have to be in big alli to win. Small alli but stronger in pvp (more kills during koth) cant win anyway..

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