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Suggestion to strengthen PVP and save PVP alignment

By Xxx-ricka-xxX - SUBSCRIBER - November 13, 2018, 10:27:10

What's your opinion on adding a new choice for Kolizeum 1 against 1. And that it will be related to Alignment {Bontaiens against Brakmariens], and instead of acquiring Kolizitons in the case of victory, we will be able to win points of honor and this allows us to increase our rank of alignment, knowing that the wings of the Alignment have become useless now unanimously.
And the benefits of high ranking players : will be reduced to damage suffered
as a proposed example, or access to special shields, or add a new box (inventory) special to this type of combat.
As a result, the PvP Alignment will blossom and reborn surely
I know that a lot of players will answer me, that the ornaments have replaced all that, and so on. but we want to stay on the theme of Brak against Bonta and we also want rewards or rather a desire to make PvP 1 vs 1 as the case of 3 vs 3, with Ornaments, although the latter doesn't interest much players .

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