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Favorite button in your inventory

By NotIllumenatea666 - SUBSCRIBER - November 22, 2018, 09:41:42

How great would it be if you could favorite items in your inventory so you can "Transfer all visible items" but those that have been added to favorites will stay in your inventory. Maybe in addition to this there could be a separate tab for items that have been favorited.

How many people don't care about their inventory and then after some days/weeks your inventory is packed and you want to transfer all visible items at resource tab, but then that means you're gonna have to get all your idols back, maybe rose of sands, maybe some crafting ingredients you need. In my opinion I think this would be a great feature and would make everything so much easier.

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Having a system to pin or lock or bind an item to a character has been suggested and supported in the past. Every little QoL mechanics might seems miniscule but they will contribute to a good playing experience in the long run. 

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yea great idea!
also i dont mind to add a "confirm window" to "transferr all items" biggrin i already stop counting how many times me or my firends do miss clik..

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