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Ankama please fix this.

By Zartoran - SUBSCRIBER - November 29, 2018, 13:03:27

I've been playing on the single account servers and it's a lot of fun but, the competition for resources is too much.
When going through all the known mines you'll be lucky to get out of it with 10 copper and a bag of iron.

Something has to change about the way mining and woodcutting works now because at it's current state I wish it was a single player game.

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Hi! I was struggling with this recently, but I'm not sure the system should be changed -- or at least I'm not sure how to change it.

It may be helpful to know: it gets better. Past lvl 20 the number of nodes opens up a lot for both lumberjack and miner. Miner recipes also become financially reasonable, which can speed up leveling a lot.

For lumberjack I had a lot more luck going to less reasonable patches. There may be less trees, but there is also less competition. Mining was much harder, but you can still try the mines off the mine-cart network.

Finally these professions are harder to level, but the resources prices do reflect this pretty well. There is a problem if newer players feel discouraged when starting out, but I like that professions are an investment, and making them too easy to level would make them no longer worthwhile.

Good luck!

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They could take a look at FFXIV how gathering works there. and perhaps tweak it into a dofus way? 

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Have you checked the mines right after a weekly game update?
Be quick to log in and try your luck smile Mines are usually full of ogres then.

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