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Auto guild ranking + Rights

By Fablegamer - SUBSCRIBER - December 03, 2018, 03:52:56

Would it be possible to add a guild setting for an auto ranks and rights, for example the guild leader puts an amount of experience needed next to the rank and can click the rank itself and put certain rights for it,
so when someone lets say they get 500,000xp they'll automatically get rank guard + invite member etc.

Say you want certain players to stay a certain rank you can just click there name and put into normal mode?

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Nice one!
​​​it would be a great tool for leaders.
also i would like to See some more sorting options like:
-sort members by off time,
-Sort members by amout of perc set atm
-sort members by time spent in guild
-sort perc by owner 
-sort perc by value
-sort perc by Exp
-sort perc by time

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Good idea, and seems rather easy to implement. 

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Great idea and woukd make the life of leaders/second in commands much easier smile!

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It would be also nice if you could create "your own" ranks. These old-one are really awful hah.

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