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New wave of challenges

By trilkgh - SUBSCRIBER - December 15, 2018, 20:34:36

I was doing the Well of Dreams the other day and I got Klime + Kimbo duo bosses. It was super duper hard, and a real challenge but in the end... I got my butt kicked. Having the double vuln mechanic was super fun though and it got me craving some new challenges!

I was on @DarkFeudala's Twitter archives and saw that he did Nidas so many times he decided to do all of the challenges that the dungeon has to offer

What if instead of changing the dungeons to how they are in Wakfu (you get to choose the difficulty), you got to choose the difficulty of the challenges you got to fight with? That way if you don't care about challenges you don't have to do them, and if you choose to do it you get a nice %exp/loot bonus? 
Something like "On even turns end on the same cell you started on, and on odd turns use all of you MP."

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It's called "Idols".

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