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More areas that give different amounts of chests from Treasure Hunts

By NotIllumenatea666 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 26, 2019, 15:50:03

Ever since the 2.45 update I think it was (the new aggro system). Treasure hunts aren't as rewarding. Previously you'd have 2 Chests for bonta/brakmar (still do) and Aggro areas that would give 4 chests. Ever since then I don't find doing treasure hunts that worth it. The chances of getting a treasure hunt in Bonta or Brakmar are much lower than getting one in the hundreds of other places that just give 1 chest. 

A solution to this would maybe at certain level areas like 190+ or even frig 3 would give 4 chests.
Another solution would be to add more areas that give 2 chests, such as the villages like Amakna, Astrub, Sufokia, Frigost Village, Snowbound Village, possibly Neutral Pandala. It just adds more areas that give better rewards other than just 2 areas. 
Maybe even Omega level Treasure Hunts, although that'd get too difficult at a certain point.

Anyway the main focus is to have more areas that grant 2 chests or more. I used to love Treasure Hunting, I just don't find it that rewarding anymore.

Thanks, uhh bye.

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Honestly you can run a TH in like <10 min.  If you're trying to make money from treasure hunting, my suggestion is to only focus on treasure hunting.  In a few hours you can rack up ~20 superior chests (if you're lvl 200).  Either you can sell the sands or trade for tourmalines for kamas.  Treasure hunting below lvl 200 I agree is not as rewarding, lvl 180 can be profitable but further down the time/reward ratio is poor. 

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