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Ice Dofus Needs Redesign [BUFF]

By Xxx-anti-xxX - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 09, 2019, 00:05:17

Hello everyone,
Dear players and developers,

It's time to give every value owner value that he deserves.

No one can deny that the Ice Dofus Quests are among the longest Dofus Quests almost equivalent to the Cloudy Dofus

The game as it is now revolves way too much around resistances and character bulkiness, in my opinion.

The number of items with double 10% resistances increased, a huge part of players prefer exomaging or over maging resistance without second guess before anything else (which is way too easy), some classes have final damage reduction, shields which apply damage reduction usually offer practically no drawbacks with certain classes, trophies offer 12% resistance each and pets with 25% resistance,. Then, on top of that, we have the Ivory Dofus which further increases bulkiness.

Give the Ice Dofus a secondary effect to help balance things and give us even more tactical options. Something like: At the beginning of the turn, increases the damage inflicted by the first attack by 15% or 10%  at least.
[Snowy Egg] is one of the biggest quests in the game, plus it's a level 180 Dofus and we still see people treating it like garbage.. Even the Crimson Dofus (yes, a primordial dofus, but still a low level dofus) has a decent secondary effect and it gives 80% power (which for a vast amount of spells and weapons with decent base damage, represents even more than 25 damage if you do the math). 

What is your opinion on this? 
Feel free to share your feedback!

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Why would you make perc hunting easier for iops? Because that is what your change would bring.

If it should get any buff then it should be some effect in line with other dofuses. Since you mentioned having trouble with res, for example: for every attack dealt give target [-1% to -5%] res in element of attack, [1-2] turn duration, stackable [5-10] times, numbers would need tweaking.

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The idea: -1% per hit in element used (stackable 5 times is enough I think) is great. Thats the effect the ice dofus should get!
I am also curious why thats the last dofus, that doesn't give any additional bonus. 

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Will be a nice idea 

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