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List of suggestions to be implemented

By IDivideByZero - SUBSCRIBER - February 09, 2019, 16:38:56

Hello, here's a little list of suggestions that, in my opinion, should be implemented as they would improve the average player's experience. Please, do take the time to read these and leave your opinion and ideas. I truly think these things would be for the better.

1. /b, /r and /c chats need to either have a way longer cooldown between messages or "buying % off" and "leeching korri" need to be a mute-able offence. Many players have their chats turned off because this spam is absolutely awful. The current cooldown is 2 minutes. There's really no point to having it so low. This just allows a ton of spam to go through by the same exact players over and over again. If you ask me, the cooldown should be 10 minutes at least. The chats would stay a lot more clear and readable. Realistically people will see the message if the cooldown is every 10 minutes, no one will be annoyed by the constant spam. I'd prefer this over temporarily muting players, because muting players would be a lot harder to moderate, as well as go against some people's "businesses". As much as I dislike what Korriander souls and % off buyers are doing to the community (namely awful XP meta, discouraging players to play low levels; and % off buyers ruining the entire market system), they have the right to do so, and shouldn't necessarily be muted, and instead have the restriction on everyone.

2. Give us a cooler housing/adjust system. No one would lose from having crafting/maging tables in their house. My proposition is that the current houses have an additional statistic called "workshop slots". For example, houses with 2 rooms but 1 chest could have 2 additional workshop slots where we could put any workshop tables of our choice. These tables could be bought through the Ogrine Shop for an amount that is a nice investment, but isn't stupidly expensive, for example 4K or 6K Ogrines. These tables would be linked to the house and the only way to replace them would be to destroy them and buy a new one. Currently there's a few houses in which we can practice a single profession (except for Lake Palace) and they're in limited positions, with very few to go around. Have workshops be the only places for players to craft for other players, however. This way the workshops would still serve an important purpose, and players would simply gain an adjustable, handy tool in their house, making their houses actually worth having. The houses have a lot of untapped potential. I've no clue how hard or easy this would be to implement code-wise, but having adjustable houses, similar to haven bags, would make them a lot more fun and important to own. We have plenty of ceremonials around, perhaps it's time to work on house looks?

3. This is a bit far fetched, I'd assume this would be a difficult system to implement, but here it goes. The current problem is how hard items are to sell for maguses. Unless they get a specific order, they have to completely guess if there's even a consumer on the other side, and often, these mages go unsold for a long time, and often in the end are sold for way cheaper than they are worth to the right buyer. This is something that a lot of solo accounters especially would profit from - have a system put in place to put up offers for items. Open up the interface, click on Gobball Amulet. Put in the stats "from" and "to". I'd like a 15 to 15 Vitality Gobball Amulet, 13 to 15 Strength, 16 to 20 Intelligence Gobball Amulet; I type the price next to it, hit accept. Now someone will see my offer, mage it, open up the offer interface, hit the "I have this item, here you go" button - the mager gets their money, the item is transferred to the buyer's bank. Or, well, something similar to this. I think this would not only help the maguses and their consumers, but also liven up the market. I think people would be a lot less inclined to sell to % off buyers for quick kamas as it would be a lot easier to of course find a buyer. Have a higher sale fee % than the Equipment market so this isn't used over the Equipment market, and is instead used more often for higher value items.  This same thing could also be done for resources, namely putting up offline offers than can be cashed out at any time for the appropriate resource.

4. Have a "leave a message" message when you log off. I know, I know - Ankabox. But that's just not handy for people and it doesn't serve the same purpose as Ankabox doesn't 'advertise' something as this message would. My suggestion would be that when you click on the icon that changes between "Available", "Away" etc. and have an option called "Offline" with a customisable message. Once you log off, if anyone messaged you, their chat would, for example, read:
to Quinotaur: hey man I'm ten inches unbuffed
from Quinotaur(offline): Opening Kralove on Feb 11th, 7PM. 

Heck, we could even have a post-it note thingy within alliances. A place where anyone could leave their own individual message. There should be no problems having this moderated, and it would offer some sort of passive communication between players, it would make looking for groups/gear infinitely easier, and once again, without spamming the chat, and instead putting up a simple message within the alliance.

5. Alternative Guild levels. Allow guild members to put XP in one of two places - regular guild XP that's leveling them to 200, or putting them in Guild, let's call them, Omegas. Guild Omega levels would have a separate XP bar and would offer the guild members a few chameleon ornaments and emotes, fitting to the 2 colors of the guild. Higher Guild Omegas could offer better looking/bigger ornaments and emotes. Similar to how the Omega conversion was made for characters, Lv. 200 guilds could have their extra XP be converted into Omega XP . Another idea could be community or Ankama hosted guild event(s) within their own server. The reward could be a custom title chosen by each respective guild competing, all of the titles would be approved prior to the event starting by Ankama themselves.

6. Back to the house topic - Guild Houses. Currently they effectively serve no purpose. Believe me, very few guilds use them, and from the ones who have them, even fewer actually ''share'' the chests - the main reason to even have houses. This makes me think the entire Guild House process should be overhauled, there's no actual reason to even have them. I'm thinking of ways to put them use, to give you an actual reason to actually own them. First of all, all guild house chests should have unique accessibility for each character, meaning if Some-Guy clicks on the chest, he sees an empty chest with, let's say, 10 or 15 slots or a very limited amount of pods and can use it for himself, whereas my stuff is safe within the same chest, but only accessible through my account. We could buy a 'sharing chest' for, once again, something like 4K ogrines and put it in the workbench slot or whatever you wish to call it. Guild members would have a guild right (adjustable by anyone with the "manage rights" right) that allows them to use the guild house workbenches, including the shared guild chest. 

I've some more ideas, but let's say they're still in progress. Hopefully this gets any traction.

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Definitely agree with the suggestions with /b and /r chats - I don't know about /c, I've had this off almost permanently since the international servers were merged to create Echo as it's just a toxic chat constantly.

I tend to have /b and /r chats offline except when I'm exclusively requiring them, in which case I have only /b or /r on, along with private messages to see any responses. In general, the marketplace and team searching would be improved significantly if it was less intoxicating "buy % off" "lich korri soul 354 idol 90kk per fight" every 2nd message, and I could leave these chats on more often. I'm quite content to lend a hand with fights/dungeons here and there, or will find there's gear in my inventory that I've needed to sell for over a year and would probably find there are people regularly interested, but as I have the chats off I don't see any of these requests.

For the housing situation in Dofus, these seem to have been incredibly redundant from day one in my opinion, the chests are far too restricted for spaces and offer little to no benefit. I'd rather just stick to paying my 2.5kk per use of my bank where I can then find what I need. If the Omega Levels of the characters, and/or Omega levels of Guilds were introduced, which increased the number of spaces available in these chests, then this would offer some further use. I do agree with additional workstations being somewhat useful, particularly being able to customise which ones you can have in place. 

The maging interface you've mentioned is intriguing, I quite often find I'm bored and wish to challenge myself with a particular mage, even if it's not one that I have a use for myself. I'm then finding I'm stuck with an item that either went horribly wrong, which I can fix to regular stats and sell, or a really good item that I can't sell unless I wish to get a regular price for it, as it's often hard to find someone paying that exact price. Usually players are forced to third party websites and forums for listing what items they are then trying to sell, and I would presume at least that Ankama would prefer players to not have to resort to these areas if possible.

I can't say I have any real suggestions to include myself at this stage, there are many things already in place that don't work as they should (such as Transcendence and Corruption runes...) but I can agree the above suggestions do serve good purpose and there is a demand for these changes to be implemented, albeit a lot of work for what appears to be a now-small development team to set in place.

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I agree on the trade and recruitment chats having a longer cooldown. I've had those off for about two years now, just for the sole reason of infinite spam on there. I don't need to see the same message ten times in 10 minutes, and it definitely doesn't make me want to buy it more. If there was a long cooldown on those chats, I might consider turning them back on. 

As for workbenches in house, I would not have any interest in having that, unless it would be lake palace-like, with possibility to have all of them. Though that would likely be a good opportunity for ankama to get people spending ogrines on something that's novelty at best.

Putting up orders in the market is a great idea and would open a whole new dimension for maguses. Seems like a complicated thing to implement, but definitely something worthwhile. Although I can see some flaws coming out from this (such as a couple of maguses attempting the same item and one of them stuck with the mage, that is not necessarily wanted by someone else), overall it would be a nice addition. Maybe let maguses tick off next to the item, so everyone would have an option to see if someone is already trying to pull the mage off. 
Putting up offers for resources would be a welcome thing too. I would definitely be using that, as long as people would put up reasonable prices and not some 95 proc off crap.

Ankabox is so outdated, there should just be an option to leave someone a message, that you could view upon loging, same way that you can check your sold/unsold items.

As for guild omegas, I personally wouldn't care much. 

Houses are owned by account, sharing them with guild is optional. I don't feel like sharing chests with anyone, as I have particular items I hold in them, purely out of convenience.
To share the chest with someone, would mean you completely trust the person. And to be frank, there's not that many people that you can trust that way, to hold something of value in the chest. Never even minding sharing them with the whole guild and not even being able to see the logs of who accessed the chests.

One addition that I'd like to add to this, and something that would be very welcome by a lot of people. Character timeline in the fight, should have an option to be tilted vertically. Same way that we have the group showing.


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Just my short two cents on a couple of these points.

So as someone who does have /c /b and /r off all the time due to korri/% off spam I'd love to see some sort of changes to make it so I don't have to completely mute these channels and be able to have these channels on to see people actually post in these channels and weather I'd have any interest in what is being posted

Also I think houses would need something more as incentive for me to personally buy one, but I think workshops would be a good first step to making them something people would want to have. 

The extra interface for maguses/mages is a cool idea especially when looking to profit from exos, although if 2 magers see this at a similar time and both spend money exoing, one of them will obviously not be able to sell their exo to the person who requested it as the other mager would beat them to it which would obviously not be fair imo, not sure how you'd get around that though.


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1. 10 minutes is wayyy too long, but I have to say that I have one of the players that have permanently muted community and recruitment chat because of the spams. I think 5 minutes would to, but multiloggers will still be able to abuse this. 

2. That sounds wonderful. This would actually add value to 'worthless' houses (not easily accessible/no workshops)

3.a It is far-fetched, but I'd really love to see something similar for crafting. One of the main reasons why I don't mage for others is that it's too time-consuming, the pay isn't really decent, AND there's too much pressure for me when the customer is standing next to me reacting to each failure. Maybe this method will change my mind since the pressure from the impatient customer next to me will be eliminated. 

3.b The public list for craftsmen isn't really easy to work with because of various reasons. First, It's annoying to click which professions I'm willing to do every time I log in. I have all professions at 200, but I don't want to mage for others. It's burdensome click on "become visible for all professions" and manually un-check the magi EVERY log in. Second, I rarely get a customer so I just work on other things instead of waiting for a customer. However, when I do get a customer, I'm either stuck in Kolossium or some dungeon. It would be great to see a "marketplace" for crafting. Like, players leave their ingredients and payment to an NPC/workshop then craftsmen just visit that specific NPC/workshop to craft the items that they can. The customers can even have the option to not pay (useful for craftsmen who are leveling their profs) or not let craftsmen add a signature. 

3.c Implementing another "buying" option on market NPCs. Similar to the kama/ogrine exchange system, we can have an instant purchase and an wait-for-it purchase. Just leave an offer for the item that you want to buy and wait for a person to sell this item to you via the NPC. This would definitely reduce the number of "buying % off" spams. This is very common in many MMORPGs.

4. This would be very useful for me and many other individuals who frequently gets randomly disconnected.

5.a I'd love to see Guild-related ornaments/titles. 

5.b Maybe alliances can also have alliance points instead of alliance experiences. The alliances can use these points to add a temporary boost in some territories, but only members of that alliance can take advantage of the boost. (eg: Cania Lake Prism: +30% drop rate for 2 hours)

6. Sounds good. Accessing the chest the way Echo players' access houses with multiple house owners. It will definitely liven up the real estate business in Dofus. 

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1. Yes a bigger timer would influence me to turn on my chats, so %off buyers and korriander leechers wouldn't be the majority of my chat. It wouldn't change if my chat is moving in the first place so, I guess that'd be my own fault. (x

2. That'd be cool, then there'd be actual reason to use bank chests since they'd be closer than going to the bank if you already have runes. MAYBE it would influence more people to mage. As I can see, it would only do good for the game.

3. I think a maging interface would be cool, but something I personally wouldn't use. If you're giving out stat ranges that are fairly impossible to have all on one item your order will never get filled especially if you're not paying the right price for it.  Also maybe some people would ask for a wider stat range, and then become unhappy because its the bare minimum you ask for (I know that's why you'd slim down the range but THERE ARE DUMMIES OUT THERE and they'd be unhappy). I think a better thing to implement is, instead of a maging interface, a new market interface that would feature items in the stats you want so you won't be spending your time sifting through the items that  you're not going to buy. It would incline magus's to make better items because when their items are being searched, it's being seen by the stats of their item. But the resource idea is definitely one that i'd support, because people who want higher volume of items have a hard time getting them because the market can run out, so for someone who wants to avoid spamming the sell option, would save time for everyone.

4. Leaving a message would be cool, like leaving a voicemail! I wonder if hate email would exist then. :p

5. Omega guilds sound a little weird, because I would definitely prefer to have omega levels over a guild, because I wouldn't know how long my time is at a certain guild. Who knows, one day you get kicked from the guild you've been at for so long and all your xp goes to waste. Seems like little incentive to do it unless you're a guild leader. 

6. I think houses should have bigger chest space, why would i store my items in my house when there's a lot less space in there. Organisation sure but seems hard to justify buying a house when you spend the same amount of money on house potions as you would possibly do with your bank with the amount of space the chests in the houses offer you. The ideas are cool to what you CAN implement to houses in the game, but i would hope we wouldn't run into the problem of NEEDING a house like NEEDING private paddocks after the breeding changes. A house monoply would be quite strange.

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For what it's worth, the /r and /b channels were created with the purpose of being the catch-all repetitive spam channels. Before those channels existed, that spam was all over the general chats on the Astrub zaap and all of the maps down to the bank, occasionally the Iop statue too. Basically it was a hot mess and the channels were created as containment. If you deter people from using /r and /b, they'll find other ways to market to you that will certainly be terrible for all of us.

So in other words, you're not meant to have those channels on at all times. Folks spam their messages repeatedly in those channels because new people are logging in and out every moment. Those are all new people to show your message to, and possible customers and such. It's just good marketing and outreach. People would not be bothering with the level of spam if they weren't making money off the practice either!
I keep these channels off at all times personally, and have pretty much since they were added. I typically only trade things through my guild, alliance, and Impsvillage if I somehow don't get what I need from /a. From my view, the Alliance system is meant to give people the option to use it as a closer-knit global chat channel. It definitely fills the old void left by the Bonta/Brakmar Alignment chats.

The Community channel, on the other hand, is a bit disappointing. It's just third /r and /b. All of us from the Old Days knew that would happen, because that plus awful toxic behavior literally happened the last time they tried a global channel. I don't think there's a solution for it.

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