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The awful early levels of gathering professions

By ereserty - SUBSCRIBER - February 19, 2019, 19:45:26

The title speaks for itself. I think I'm not alone to say that the early levels of gathering professions, like 1-40, can take a very long time. Depending on the number of people in your server the time can go up alot. I acknowledge that for some professions it is fine, but for others it is awful. There needs to be some changes.

The idea is to introduce quests/achievements that give xp for a certain profession. The problem is to overcome the lower levels, these levels have few options available to craft or gather. I think this idea is a good solution to the problem. Add some quests/achievements that add up to enough xp to get going in that profession, preferrably up to level 40+.

What do you guys think?

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Tank you for the suggestion, I've passed it on.

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Yes, maybe like the daily profession quests in Sufokia, only earlier? Not too rewarding, just a little something to help. Sounds good to me.

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Tank you for the suggestion, I've passed it on.

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I recently started up a Fisherman and found the early levels to go by very quickly, actually. Experience per harvest is pretty high, and the crafts are a huge help for your first 20-30 levels. Lumberjack is much of the same, I'm about level 50 in there after some on and off harvesting.

Generally, I find levels 20-60 the easiest of them all. There's a lot of what you need to harvest for every profession, even Miner, and the crafts you unlock every 10-20 levels give you a huge XP boost. It's really after 60 that you start getting Pandala resources thrown into everything, and certain resources being nonexistent for no reason.

But seriously, do not forget those crafts. The XP you get from those, especially when they're freshly unlocked, is really necessary to keep a good progression going. They'll be a big boost in your lower levels, and then when you get to the higher levels the XP benefits are even greater.

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