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A cool way to make builds more diverse and fun

By Jamiegreyn - SUBSCRIBER - February 22, 2019, 00:18:25

Diablo 3 has this cool feature called the "Kanai's cube". It lets your character have a special effect of an item, not currently equipped, at all times.

Now what if, in Dofus, we made class set items actually important and interesting. If you could wear a class set item without it taking up an important equipment slot, in a slot just for a single class set item, it would make builds much more diverse, interesting and most importantly fun. 

It wouldn't break the game, and it would equally buff all classes.

Just an idea I got while looking at all my unusable class set items. 

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That would make our character more powerful, which will require a lot of work to buff mobs in order to retain the game's challenging difficulty..

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i had the similar idea in the form of god granted powers/buffs making spells more effective, maybe activated in pvp only? we already have candies for stats(but theyre not pvp able)

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