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Recycling Breeding Items

By ALIENFISH - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 23, 2019, 15:28:31

The breeding items consumption has been stimulated with the breeding update.

This leaves a lot of people with used-up breeding items, and selling them is ridiculous since nobody can use them after that. There are a lot of people just putting them up for sale to misguide new players. Wouldn't it be more useful to either make them
(1) completely disappear when they reach 0 uses
(2) exchangeable for something else (like nuggets or roses). Higher lvl breeding items can yield more nuggets/roses for example. Doesn't have to be a lot, max 100 or so for lvl 200 items.
(3)refillable (either with new materials or reforging 10 empty ones into a full one or something)

Thanks for your consideration.

UPDATE: Pardon me, apparently it already existed and went from (3) to (2). Thread may be removed/closed

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