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Recurring community events

By Paxifix - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 09, 2019, 13:35:17
Background (skip to idea section if you don't like reading)
Some of my best Dofus memories are from helping with opening the dungeons on Vulkania, even when I didn't go into them myself, I just love this kind of community effort, and I think we need more of them.

I play a mobile game where there are events every weekend, and honestly, that's kind of exhausting, but I think it is valuable to have something happening frequently, even if it just alternates between a few different types of events.

There's the monster mash in Dofus, but I really want something that isn't only about mashing monsters, and like I said above, I would like to see more community events, where everyone works together towards a common goal.

So my idea is to have an NPC who once a month, or maybe even every weekend, requires a huge amount of a few low level resources for some purpose. One of the resources should be a harvestable resource, but another could be a drop, so that players can choose if they want to contribute via fighting or via harvesting. That way, any player can help with achieving the goal.

If enough resources are handed in to the NPC, some nice reward for everyone is unlocked, maybe with a little extra something for those who contributed most. If we fail to hand in enough, we get everything we handed in back, so that our efforts aren't wasted if not enough people are willing or able to help. (I imagine that this can be done if the NPC gives us a note every time we hand something in, and the next time removes the previous one, adds up the numbers, and gives us a new note with the new total, or something like that.)

​​​​​​I hope you like this idea and make it happen. biggrin
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First Ankama intervention

Thank you for your Idea!

See message in context
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I like this idea. A Lot. Means people have to be active and hunt other places. 

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Community challenge? Yeah, why not. +1 supported.

This could be implemented in various ways.
A. Server Challenge.
B. Alignment Challenge
C. Alliance Challenge
D. Guild Challenge

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Thanks for the comments! happy I was thinking server-wide but now that I think about it, alignment-wide (as Gunner suggested) might actually be much better. That way, there won't be as much competition for the exact same resources and it will be easy to alternate between variants of the same event.

Week/month 1: Neutrals need nettles and gobball slime, bontarians need gudgeons and magical cure, brakmarians need wheat and water
Week/month 2: Neutrals need gudgeons and magical cure, bontarians need wheat and water, brakmarians need nettles and gobball slime
Week/month 3: Neutrals need wheat and water, bontarians need nettles and gobball slime, brakmarians need gudgeons and magical cure
And then it starts over, possibly with a different set of needed resources for more variation.

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Thank you for your Idea!

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