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Changes I would make before Temporis 3

By TehPlayer - SUBSCRIBER - March 15, 2019, 10:03:11

I recently played on Temp2. Got level 200, one of top 30-40 level 200s on all Temporis servers, full gear with AP / MP exo, and after 5 days I stopped playing. Game got really boring because everything was too easy, even with reduced drops on resources crafting idols didn't feel as a big deal.

Now ofcourse we played alot, 12+ hours a day, but we also played on Ilyzaelle (even more) and we didn't get bored, but burned out after 2 months since its launch.

So, here are the problems that I think are way too abused and way too overpowered.

1. Tree Kholo - Snailmets

This zone is easily abused from level 60, when Feca gets spell "Truce". It allows classes like Pandas to position mobs into glyphs that snailmets spawn and 1shot the mobs. Sometimes kills aren't guaranted, but with idol Behelit, they are 100% sure to happen. 

Solution 1: Make Snailmets dungeon mobs only and give arch snailmet (since one has to exist) a buff where his allies don't suffer damage from the glyphs.
Solution 2: Rework Otomai, it is really outdated compared to the latest content. Quests are boring, opening Kralove is a nightmare anyway.

2. Ecaflips spell - All Or Nothing

Multiple chance Ecas have one of the highest damage outputs in the game, they can do on 1st turn as level 120, 2k+ damage on single target and multiple times more on AoE with 2x Bluff and All Or Nothing (Buffed with Wheel and Roar). Mobs at that level have 2.5k HP, meaning that 8 Eca team could kill 8 mobs in less than 1 turn on close maps. And even if your team doesn't have enough damage, you can have Feca to play last and cast Truce on entire team, and then repeat the process. This allowed teams to level so quick from 120-170.
Solution: Put Ecaflip's Luck on global cooldown for all Ecas.

3. Abyss - Empty space

There's one specific map that allows Cra from level 140 when they get their recall beacon or however it's called to jump from one part of the map to the other and abuse the AI of the mobs to easily solo kill level 200 mobs.
Solution: Just close the gap, or rework that one specific map.

4. XEL3 - Panda Leech

Problem: Pandas on 190 get their spell called Filthipint which works like old sacrier spell Dissolution. It allows Pandas to aoe mobs in XEL3. Now that spell is not the only spell that allows this to happen, but Pandas milk being able to dispell pasifist state. This method is way faster with 300 idols score, than 508 ever was since fights last for so short (2-5 min), and you get from 7-15m a fight on a 3-4 mob with 4-5 people. It took us 1.5 night to get from 170-200, around 10 hours which is really dumb.

Solution: Make pasifist state undispellable.

5. Tyrnil Dungeon - Last Room

Problem: On right side of the map, there is a small corner where you can push the Tyrnil into a corner and place a unit that's not counted as a summon (Tree, Rogue Bomb, Roullete etc...) and it won't get debuffed by a Tyrnil and therefor it will not get one shot. Tyrnils on top of that will always swap to hit it because of the mobs AI and not make a single MP. I find this as a big problem considering that you can do all achievements because of it and get a prospecting pet so easy compared to the Nomoon (which requiers alot of grind) and Baby Crowdzilla (which is alot harder even at level 140).

Solution: Remove that small corner.

There are alot more problems specific to Temporis 2, like getting no tempokens for Dofus questlines, items dropping is literaly dumb and etc.. etc...


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Thank you for your feedback!

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