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Player Recommendations to Improve Dofus Experience!

By Setmeonfire - SUBSCRIBER - March 22, 2019, 04:42:43

Hello, I have been playing Dofus for a while now (10+ years) and have come up with some recommendations for the development team to consider. I have spoken with friends in the game and they agree that the following changes would be helpful. Please let me know what you think.

1.Longer Time During Turns - This is pretty much self explanatory but the main reason I recommend this change is because there is nothing more frustrating then not having enough time to adequately complete what you wanted to do that turn. Let's say you were buffed a ton of AP for example, it takes more time to think about the order of spells you can do now and actually waste all of that AP. In addition, some classes require more time to plan and execute their moves simply based on their combat mechanics - excellent examples include the Eliotrope, Xelor, and Rogue classes, which requires a great deal of planning that is difficult to complete under the current time allotted to players. I don't think these players choosing to play these classes should be punished with such a frustrating learning curve. To make things more fair to the more complicated classes (and all classes in general), I propose that we increase the time during turns by at least 30 seconds.

I am NOT saying Ankama increases the turn duration to an unreasonably long time so that everyone becomes bored to death by the time the player finishes. I am also NOT recommending certain classes receive more time during their turn than others as this would be unfair. I do understand that part of a tactical game is thinking on your feet and thinking quickly, and that this rewards more experienced players. However, the frustration felt during this learning curve is simply annoying, especially for the more complicated classes. It would benefit everyone to slightly increase the time during turns.

2. Allow Zaaps to show their location on the map and not just the name and coordinates - You know how when you are using a zaap it just shows a list of places and coordinates? It is bothersome to click the zaap, then look at the map and make sure it is the right place, and then have to click the zaap again, why not just have interface that opens up the map itself? Then you can just double click on the location and teleport there. This could be similar to the magnifying glass feature that you click on in bestiary tab.

Sometimes players click the wrong place by accident because the names are so similar (For example, Rocky plains and rocky roads zaaps), or there is a location that ends with a -47 and you thought it was a positive 47 and end up wasting kamas, being teleported to some place you don't want to be.

3. A way to make tactical mode more appealing - This may not actually be possible but, I find that most players if not all use tactical mode because without it, the objects on the map block your field of vision and it is difficult to see the tiles. The issue with tactical mode is that it makes the environment during combat very bland and boring, all of the hard work the developers put into making these zones goes to waste which is very unfortunate considering how amazing some places look - it also severely detracts from the immersion of an area because every combat looks exactly the same as the last, leaving no impression on the player that they have actually entered a new zone/dungeon/dimension.

My suggestion is to make another mode in addition to tactical mode which is a blend of both of the current modes, such that the tiles are the same as they are in tactical mode, but the environment outside of the tiles is still portrayed.

4. Re-introduce the dungeon/group finder - This one is also something that Ankama tried before, and I am not sure why it was removed (I apologize if there was a post about this that I have not read yet). For most of us, a big part of the game is finding other players to explore an area with/complete a dungeon/achievement/quest/infinite dreams/etc. What we end up doing when there is no automated system to help us complete these goals is we attempt to recruit people using the recruit/community channels - there is obviously many issues with attempting to find people using these channels that I believe do not need to be explained here (if someone is genuinely interested, I will explain). It would be much better to pair up players based on their mutual interest in a certain activity using an automated system - just as is done with the Kolo system.

Please let me know your thoughts about the recommendations above, and also, any other ideas you want the development team to consider!

Thank you

I just thought of another suggestion

5. Allow us to preview how equipment looks like before we buy it in the market - I understand that Dofus Planner is a thing, but it will shut down in the next few months (the owner states that he does not have the time to keep the website running).

It would be nice to actually have this feature in the game itself and see how our character would look like with an item in the market, maybe a small window pops up and shows the character with the item on somewhere?

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1. Players who have no problem with the short time duration would not support this. That is just how the dofus community function, if it is not broken for them, it should not be fixed. I would support your suggestion being "pro-choice" and I have previously suggested this, and even suggested that this be optional wherein solo players could toggle a longer timer option, or group leader could select longer time in PvM.

2. Yes! Clicking on a map to zaap would be good. It could be an option wherein players could choose the old system in case they don't want to scroll around the world map to teleport.

3. I think this is already in the game.

4. There should be a better incentive to using group finder. When I first suggested the group finder, I paired it with an incentive of dungeon teleport system. They separated my suggestion therefore removing the incentive to using group finder. How about this, if a group complete a dungeon or a quest together, all member would receive kumbayatoken or allisokens or rose sand or whatever currency in small amount.

5. Yes, why not. +1 supported.

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1. One thing, we do not know if the majority of players have no problem with the short time duration, it would be nice if we could have a vote for changes such as these. This happens in other games such as Old School Runescape and the community really appreciates it. I really like your "pro-choice" suggestion, that would be very cool for PvM.

4. I like that suggestion as well, I think I have seen a similar mechanism in World of Warcraft, where players who are grouped up using the dungeon finder receive some sort of reward/currency they can spend on interesting things, even kamas is fine because it creates an incentive for players to actually INTERACT with each other instead of just making 8 man teams!

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1. People are already pretty upset about how long turns are right now. But, just like you can get additional turn time if you pass quickly, I don't see the harm in getting a few extra seconds if you receive an AP buff.

2. It's so silly that they put in that neato minimap feature for the Bestiary but haven't applied it to any other system.

3. This was already requested years ago, and the result is our current tactical mode which has different colors and motifs depending on the area. If you make tactical mode too detailed, then it loses the point. Having a slider where you can pick your level of fight detail is probably the best compromise.

4. It was removed because literally nobody used it. Nobody seemed to want to bother using it, when the spam method has always worked.
It needs to be designed like a real, functional matchmaking system to actually work as intended and get usage. But I do not currently trust Ankama to design a real, functional matchmaking system. Even Ankama lacks confidence in their own Kolo matchmaking system.

5. They should just build equipment and color previews into the website. Instead of depending on fan sites to provide this feature in perpetuity.

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Maybe someone should see if they could purchase the domain dofusplanner to continue it since it's probably the most popular set-making website right now and just add the preview to the character sprites, idk if that's easier than designing an entirely new interface on the website. 

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