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EBONY Dofus and IVORY Dofus NERF

By maruniasz - SUBSCRIBER - March 25, 2019, 12:22:48

This two "new" dofuses completely disbalanced PVP in this game - it is obvious. I don't have any idea why nobody has created such a topic there. 

Ivory Dofus is a one dofus, that gives you much better effects, than 5 trophies at once. 50% damage reduced is a horrible thing when it comes to pvp. It is necessary to everytime before any attack waste at least 2 ap to take its effects off and if situation is disadventageous for attacker (e.g. opponent with ivory dofus is hidden behing a wall, you may have only 4 ap left after you get closer to him to deal any damage - effect approx. 500 hp reduced per turn (and in many situations much more). I don't even mind ap reaping characters, that leaves you with 3-4 ap and additionally to make it even worse you may deal them only 50% of damage). 
40 resistances per element is also a very very big adventage. lets count:
Typical 1v1 lasts approx. 7 turns. Every turn most of characters hits opponent 3-4 times. Ivory reduces 160 damage per turn (I don't include 50% damage reduced on first hit). 7 x 160 = 1120 damage reduced per fight (still not counting 50% damage reduced) IT MAY BE FREELY COMPARED TO A TROPHY THAT GIVES YOU 1120 VITALITY + 50% reduced damage everyturn (another additional at least 2000+hp per fight)
Lets count another thing: 2 ap per turn to take off ivory effect: 7 x 2 = 14 ap wasted to only take off its effects = more than 1 turn wasted on only taking off ivory effects (7 turns fight).

The idea of Ivory Dofus isn't bad, but the influence it has on pvp is asbolutely too big! (hey rogues, how many times did ivory dofus saved your opponents from death after you've wasted all of your ap to try to get somebody on bombs line and didn't have 2 ap left (or range) to take off ivorys effect?).
One egg CANNOT give that much adventages!!! It is like a holy grail of pvp (in 1v1 or even 3v3 - in 5v5 it doesn't gives that much adventage, but still does.). So people that don't have money to buy it or possibilities to complete all of the quests to get it are completely forsaked in pvp.
It cannot be like that, that a single dofus firmly determine chances in pvp
(don't understand me wrong, it is still possible to beat a player with ivory while not having any, but the adventage it gives is too big.)

I suggest to make it reduce only 25% of damage per first hit and give 30 damage resistance. Not more. 

Ebony Dofus
Okay.. whats that? 40 dodge bonus is a great thing. I am glad it has this kind of effects, but... poison it gives + %damage critical bonus are such a disbalanced things - too much powerful effects for a single dofus. It may easly deal over 300 damage during 3 turns through sacrifice etc. so typically like poison do. To achieve a worse effects srams need to waste 3 ap to use a linear insidious poison spell and its effects aren't that much satisfying as effects of ebony dofus (you don't need to waste any ap to put on the poison and it leasts one turn longer). After its effects is stacked by 2 or 3 chars it is a horribly overpowered weapon, that may easly weaken opponent or even easly kill him (poison hits at the beggining of turn, so theres no possibility to cure if 600 hp are left).
Its poison damage should be reduced by half, or effects lasts only 2 turns. Also it shouldn't give that big % damage bonus.

Don't understand me wrong there guys. I am not "crying", because I don't have any of this dofuses (actually I have all of them). It is just a completely foolery, that a single dofus may give such an incredible bonuses and very unfair in relation to players, that don't have them, because they haven't bought thousands of origines for sale or don't have 8 end-game characters to complete all of the quests. Ebony + Ivory = Pay to win like system.

With regards,

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I disagree. For the amount of effort I put into completing the quests as a solo-accounter mind you I expect to get something good for it. That's what motivates people to actually do the hard quests. You should be rewarded for being more skilled and putting more effort in.

Maybe they should add a PvP mode where everyone has access to the same gear, so that the only important thing is skill at playing the class. Or something like that. But I'd like if people stop asking for the stuff I've worked hard to get to be nerfed, it's really annoying. Buff other stuff if anything.

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"You should be rewarded for being more skilled and putting more effort in."

Or "rewarded" if a player has bought money online for cash.... haha 
Maybe in pvm context I even partially aggree with you, but in pvp it isn't related to skills in any way and having this kind of items must NOT be rewarded in this way, so fights starts to be unbalanced and a single item is becoming a must-have if you want to have rating higher than 4.6k in e.g. 1v1. Thats what means "disbalance".

There comes another case.. characters should be balanced independently in pvm and in pvp (while not changing e.g. spells bonuses, because it would need too much work, but certanily its damage and summons hp.)


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Simple solution to the cash problem is to prevent the dofus from being traded. Make it so you have to do the quests. But as far as I see it, that would be even more problematic for you since your issue is that too few people have access to them. You think that either more people should have access to them or they should be nerfed. 

I think that few people should have access to them, so I'd be happy if they could not be purchased. 

I do agree that PvM and PvP should be balanced separately - absolutely. That's another way this problem could be addressed. 

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Don't forget that metas change. There are a lot of classes who do INSANE dmg either way. Personally i've been hit for 2k with tumult with only 2 enemies and that wasn't even hard to pull off. Such stuff requires OP items to balance it out. I personally don't see how ebony dofus is too OP. In my opinion it is just the right balance. 40 dodge is just enough to make you hard to lock (unless by very high lock) and the poison hits fine amounts considering you need to charge the poison and it is activated by an item which you could trade for other damaging trophy that would honestly be more efficient in terms of dmg in most situations. Poison dmg usually hits about 200. That is NOT too much, it is just the right balance to make the dofus actually useful and worthy to take instead of let's say cloudy.

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