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Dungeon Finder 2.0

By whydidyouaddmeonfriends - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 06, 2019, 01:58:25
Dungeon finder 2.0

Ankama attempted dungeon finder before with little to no success, however, I
believe with tweaks and taking some lessons from what has worked with kolo, an
optimal dungeon finder is possible.

Firstly, the UI needs to be a lot more friendly. A scroll list with all of the dungeons
with a search bar included is good however once you click a dungeon or even in
another menu there should be options to input your class, role, element(s) and
any other relevant info.

I believe firmly that this system should be cross-server with an option for
preferred language (French, English, etc.). Either this or even better, a built-in translator based
on the players preferred language. This way teammates can communicate
properly. Now as for what will happen it will depend heavily on the dungeon in
terms of requirements. Perhaps a test could be held that can calculate your
damage, heals, stats, gear, and level to see if you meet the requirements to join
matchmaking for particular dungeons based on difficulty. Also while matching the
system will have to know which classes or roles are required for said dungeon as
well as the number of players required. Once these requirements are met the
players can then choose to start the dungeon with a vote or wait for a full party.

Now there is the issue with souling which I believe can be solved with a checkbox
or drop-down list. If the player wants to soul the boss then they will choose this
option and will be matched with players that do not want to soul, or players who
choose an option where they would soul if available or something to that effect.

Now for people who are doing the dungeon to complete achievements, there will
have to be another option for that so that the party is on the same page and all
going towards similar objectives. There could be an option to choose all the
achievements that you would like to complete on the run and would be matched
accordingly while also meeting requirements to complete the dungeon. There
would also have to be an option for players to queue for any dungeon within a
level range in order to fill empty roles and they could choose their objectives
whether it be souling, achievements or other goals.

There would have to be a time penalty for abandoning a party or other more
serious penalties for repeat offenses. Also the ability to kick members from the
group via voting and be auto-matched with a new member who has chosen an
option where they don’t mind being put in the middle of a dungeon instead of the
beginning. Defeats and deaths cannot send the players back to the world as this
would be cross-server and that would not be possible so they would simply be
taken back to the room they died to re-attempt.

Another thing would be experience. Players that have completed the dungeon
more times will be matched with players with less experience in order to create a
more enjoyable experience. This would be handled by the matching system

Of course, this system will be complex as it will have to take all of these things into
consideration but would make the game so enjoyable and much easier to
complete dungeons without manually recruiting people. There would be many
options and every player would get what they want. You will have the option of
joining matchmaking solo or with a premade group that would be analyzed by the
matchmaking system to see what requirements they are missing to complete the

Now, this would have to be tested thoroughly and possible release it only for
popular dungeons to start since it would be quite a lot of work to even get one
dungeon's matching system optimized. I believe this system; if everything is
carefully considered, could take Dofus to the next level. I have seen a lot of
improvements that I’ve been hoping for over the 12 years I have played and this would
be a major step in the right direction. I feel group play is difficult unless you know
people and can organize times perfectly. This is not always possible for people
with limited time like myself.

This system could be taken further to hunts and other activities to get rid of the
need to spam recruitment chat and just make it simpler for the players. Of course
a key would still be needed to get into the dungeons but since it will be cross-
server the key would have to be automatically depleted and players all teleported
to the first room of the dungeon.

Anyways in conclusion, if this is implemented properly it would be a huge success
and people would use it a lot much like the kolo matching. I realize it has failed in
the past as it was not an optimal way to find people and no one really used it in
general. However, if attempted again with these suggestions I strongly believe it
would take off. I myself would enjoy the game much more if I could play
dungeons more and find groups a lot easier. There could even be daily dungeons
and other rewards for using this matching system or for choosing random
dungeons to help people. Rewards would be a great way to pull people in that
aren’t quite seeing the point of using the system.

I hope this suggestion sees some light and I would be glad to help implement it in
any way possible and if people could help this get some attention that would be
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I support improvements to group finder system. Most of your suggestion is good. Let me just nitpick some parts that I find troublesome.

once you click a dungeon or even in another menu there should be options to input your class, role, element(s) and any other relevant info.
Why do we have to input our class? If I am using an Osa. can I input Cra as my class or do I really have to scroll around and/or input Osa. Make it automatic to make it more user friendly.

Also the ability to kick members from the group via voting and be auto-matched with a new member who has chosen an option where they don’t mind being put in the middle of a dungeon instead of the
Adding new member mid-dungeon can be abused to spam dungeon faster. This could lead to increase resources supply, decreasing demands.

Now to add my additional suggestion. Since you already mentioned using the success of kolo system in finding group. Why not add a group finder rating system similar to kolo rating system. The more successful you are at completing dungeon using this system, the higher your Dungeoneer Rating would be, matching you with other players near your own rating range. 

Also add better rewards or incentive like dungeon tokens that can be used to buy dungeon resources. Collect or trade enough crocabulia token (1000 pcs) and you can trade them on the entrance NPC for a vulbis dofus.

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Yes I agree with the first suggestion however if players were only matched with their own ranking then it may make it difficult to complete dungeons for lower ranked players. The whole point should be that the group is able to complete the dungeon effectively. Ranks could still be added but not sure about adding it to the matchmaking process unless it added a higher ranked player with lower ranked players to help them out. 

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It could be an option. Players could select what rating they want to team up with. For example, if you are rated as Dungeoneer 2500 rating, you can opt to be teamed up with other players with 2000 to 3000 ratings. Or you could just select 0 to 99,999 rating (any rating), which means that you are welcoming teaming up with lower ranked players.. This is just a way to gauge the success rate of other players in dungeon completion. This way you can avoid the pain of teaming up with a inexperienced player on the hardest dungeon, unless you are actually looking for hard times.

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This seems like an interesting idea, however there's something I'm not sure on how it would work.
That is the part about being cross-server group finding - is that even possible and how would it work to begin with? I have no experience with servers and how you could match players of different servers with each other.

And it'd better be done right, which doesn't seem to be a guaranteed thing given Ankama's track record with a group finder for dungeons(although I heard it was removed for Dofus because it didn't really get much attention rather than it not working but I've got no experience with it since it was gone before I started to play), especially in Wakfu where it really doesn't work well and has plenty of issues(people who went offline/logged out not being removed from the search, and in my experience, not showing which dungeon the players searching want to do unless there's a way to find that out, and an UI which I personally found inconclusive and not very intuitive, haven't really been able to figure out anything as to how to actually show up in the search or how to see that I still am registered).

Oh, and may I suggest something else to add : An option to show whether you would like to do the dungeon with idols and whether there is a specific one idol you would like to use for the dungeon(Turquoise Dofus quests, for example) and whether you have [the] idols or not, or if you want to complete certain specific successes - however if I got(guessed) your intention of making it a matchmaking system correctly, I do not know if this would work with it(and/or it might clog the UI up). I would also suggest being able to add which kind of playstyle/role you're looking for in the dungeon and a little description on what you're looking to do in the dungeon, but again, this would likely not work well with a matchmaking system, if that's what you're intending this to be.

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If the system was, similar to how you described, you could add a button to "Join any group looking to get an achievement I don't have on a dungeon from 0 - my level. And I could just click it every day when I log on until I finish all dungeon achieves.

Don't bother asking Amanka to start testing new features before releasing them to live server though they won't ever do that.

Also no to cross-server, at least, servers like mono and heroic would need to be excluded.

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