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Dofus following in WoWs footprints?

By Mcf-Siipols - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 18, 2019, 10:55:53
Hello everyone.

I'm more than sure that there have been such posts and discussions.
But still, I would like to offer old school Dofus 1.29 as an option (no I'm not speaking about latin unsupported servers), but actually working and supported version of it.
As stupid as it might sound, I think it would bring in tons of old players. I don't think that permanent server would be needed at first, but seasonal might work, for example, 3-6 months. To see, how people react and how they feel about this.
As you might know, World Of Warcraft, after years of saying no to community, opened Classic Wow, and you know the story.. Everyone is hyped and waiting for it to go live.
Therefore, why couldn't Dofus do the same, I'm positive, that it would bring back many players, meaning many subscriptions.
And in the end, nostalgia is all that matters.
I'm sure, there's a lot of players thinking the same way I do.

P.S. if this has been talked over and over and over, don't be mean about that.
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Actually, Wow is following Dofus' footstep because classic Dofus 1.29 server have been  re-implemented a long time ago.

Dofus 1.29 Servers (Eratz and Henual) Forum

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