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Improvement idea

By ALIENFISH - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 25, 2019, 10:05:52

Hello everyone, 
My name is Sharp-Turkey and I play on the Echo server. Our number of active players is decreasing. Sure there are a lot of players with multiple accounts. But there are also a ton of  %OFFBuyers who just spend entire days at equipment market and who basically control every price in the server as they see fit. And because this actually works and they basically earn Kamas without putting in any effort, more and more people feel forced to resort to this. It's as they say in Dutch: one rotten apple spoils the entire basket. I don't know if that's actually a saying though. It does put a damper on the dofus experience for me and a lot of other players I know. Hence why I propose the following idea, to reward those who actually deserve it and to promote their effort in making quality items, and to promote the usage of markets:
An original craftsman / mager bonus (probably more réalisable if it's tied to the naming rune) 
For example: a non-legendary item of 10 mk gets crafted. If it gets sold you get 1% (100kk). If it gets resold you (the original crafter) get 0.75% (150kk) etc... Considering continuous good maging requires more skill I'd put the first bonus at 2%, then 1.75% etc.
Would love to hear your opinions on this. 

Greetings from someone respecting those that contribute to a fun gaming experience, 

Edit1: adjusted rates so they wouldn't get above 2% (market fee) to prevent abuse

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Edit:  It was edited as I was replying.

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