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Please Enable Us To Lock Our XP

By Merked - SUBSCRIBER - June 04, 2019, 15:41:41

The Kolossium between levels 60-160 is full of people playing on their second, third or fourth characters who all gain multiple millions of xp per victory. Most if not all of these people want to keep their characters at their current level and so put 90% xp to both mount and guild to only gain 40000-80000 xp per win instead of 4-8million. There are two problems with this system though:

1. It means we cannot use pets. I wanted to use an agility/pushback pet on my level 140 Foggernaut but with it I was getting ~600k xp per win, which is about 5% of a whole level. This is quite obviously unsustainable as I can win as many as 10 wins per day, meaning half a level every day. It basically means that if you want to use a pet you have to create a second account and somehow get the gear onto that character, and even then you will still gain 1-2% per win.

2. The experience routes to mounts before guild, so my character that could have donated ~10m xp to my guild has only donated ~1m xp with the rest going to the already level 100 mount. I can understand if this is to prevent people from making characters with x4 multipliers and using them to farm guild levels easily, but enabling us to lock in our experience solves that issue as well.

I cannot see any detriment to allowing people to lock in their experience - the loss of the +300 vitality that a mount gives is actually quite the tradeoff at levels 60-160 as it will be around 10% of your total hitpoints, and people are going to kolo on alts for as long as there is a kolo in Dofus so locking away pets from them is not really going to diminish their numbers if that is a goal of Ankama's. Thank you for reading happy

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I think the system of no locking of exp  is a intentional system to prevent griefers from sandbagging low-medium level PvP which would be unfair for new players who wants to try kolo but do not have the best exoed gears.

-Gunnerwolfang (using alt account in unsecured internet connection).

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