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Monsters and Forbidden Idols

By JabberwockyST - SUBSCRIBER - June 04, 2019, 17:45:55


Throughout the game, certain monsters forbid certain idols from being used against them for a variety of reasons. For example, you cannot use Dakid in Missiz Freezz because attacks on her already attract in a large star shaped AoE centered around her. However, there are certain monsters that I believe need to forbid other idols in additions to the ones they already do (and one monster I think doesn't need to forbid an idol). I list them below.

Korriander - This monster should forbid the use of the idol Korria. Korria functions identically to Korriander's native mechanic and adds absolutely nothing new to the fight. It is essentially a free 20 score + synergies.

Perfidious Tynril - This monster should forbid the use of the idols Minor Dagob, Dagob, Major DagobGreat Dagob, and Penitent. The idea behind fighting the Tynrils is that taking damage from any of them should instantly kill you -- they apply -2000% resistance in the element they hit in, after all. Thus, damage idols add nothing new to the fight because you're already dying from one hit. The Dagobs are conspicuously missing from this list of forbidden idols, however. Similarly, Penitent should be forbidden because once you take damage you should be dead - there's no meaning to not being able to heal if you were never able to heal in the first place.

Bethel Akarna - This monster should forbid the use of the idol Djim. Djim renders monsters immune to damage unless they are "moved" - pushed back, to be specific - and in this fight that mechanic renders the combat unwinnable. You will never be able to move the Monolith and so you will never be able to damage it, rendering the fight unbeatable. 

The Veriun Dead - These monsters should forbid the use of the idol Nahuatl. Their native revive mechanic is massively interfered with when this idol is used, and they are the only "dead comes back to life" monsters in the game that don't forbid this idol. 

Kolosso - This monster should not forbid the use of the idol Penitent. It is possible to encounter Kolosso without Professor Xa in the Infinite Dreams, and Kolosso doesn't change how effective healing is in any way. This idol should only be restricted on Professor Xa, not on Kolosso.

Thank you for reading, and I hope my suggestions are well received. If this topic is in the wrong part of the forum, I apologize, but I was unsure where to put it. 

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Penitent should also be allowed on Xa though. There are plenty of alternate ways to heal that aren't affected by the -10k heals, like lifesteal and % healing.
I'm not sure why would anyone want to use penitent for Xa, but ... well... there's no real reason why it shouldn't be allowed? It just makes the fight much harder.

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I can see your point for not allowing Penitent to be used with the Tynrils... but it already is really annoying enough trying to find a suitable idol combination for their fight, especially if you’re trying to do the Turquoise Dofus quest with the Major Dynamo. And there do are ways of surviving one of their attacks(having enough HP with current Sac in negative Suffering while using Coagulation, or just having an Ivory Dofus, though for the latter I’m not entirely sure why you’d get the Ivory before the Turquoise; but I have seen it). But usually they do instantly kill you.

For the others, it seems quite reasonable to forbid those idols...

I might be mistaken but can’t you use the Nyan idol for the Tynrils? If you can it’s also effectively free score since all it would do is take 50% of your health away for 2(?) turns if you stay on the same cell as you started out on. But as I said, I might be mistaken.

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I simply want consistency - Tynril forbids all damage idols except Dagob, and so in keeping with that, Dagobs should be forbidden as well. Ankama didn't feel the need to ban any %HP idols from Tynril so I'll cede to their logic there (for now ...).

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I actually think the interaction between Veriun Dead and Nahuatl is that even if the monsters have necroynx effect on them, they are still revived and can still perform there turns normally, but i guess that doesn't change the fact that you're getting free idol score.

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It unfortunately doesn't work like that. :/ Nahuatl triggers first and revives something which is free to move around even if it's in Necronyx State, and then if there's still more dead enemies their natural revive triggers and revives something, which will be frozen if it's in Necronyx. So basically every enemy gets to revive twice per turn, Nahuatl always reviving first.

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