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Meet Link Maitems

By enduroppal - SUBSCRIBER - June 13, 2019, 11:24:49


You've already met Oto Pylott, a bearded man who just wants to take a nap, but can't because his mount won't let him steer anymore.
You also met Harvey Terran, a fabulous looking Enutrof sitting on his beloved Sourachnee, handing anyone, who's veteran enough, their quarterly birthday present.
And whenever the Gods have to convince Xelor, against all his reluctance, to turn back time to a less troublesome era, Adventurers seek Sorim Ait for guidance - and more importantly compensation.
Some veteran Adventurers even remember having a chat with Selya Hegs, and convincing her that this mesmerizing Emerald object is just a pebble you're trying to trade in for some currency or another.

I wanted to introduce you to a new face among the Amaknians. His name is Link Maitems and he's joining this ever increasing group of Amaknians helping Adventurers at the Amakna Castle Zaap.

The World of Twelve is a dangerous place, we all know that. We've known that from the first step we took upon Incarnam. Yet, there lies a world beyond. A world of Rogues that ask seemingly harmless questions about ones pet's name or old Enutrof's maiden name. Or ones favorite Jon Lemon song.
And if that doesn't help, they might find a way to entice you to tell them their most secret of codewords, one that not even the Gods themselves should know, by promising riches, wealth, wisdom and superiority. Most victims only end up with the wisdom that they made a horrendous mistake. A mistake nobody, not even the goddess Eliatrope nor the Great Dragon, the very entities that created the Krosmoz itself, can undo. Many Adventurers frothed in anger, crying for help, cursing the Gods and the Dragons. But to no avail.

The Gods saw the injustice that has fallen unto the Adventurers and ordered the greatest minds of the World of Twelve to devise tools which the adventurers may use to keep them safe, if they so will.

Gobannus the Smith, the God's own smith joined forces with Magus Ax, the greatest mage in Amakna, and fused magic and iron to create a powerful shield that surrounds an Adventurer, strong enough to hold 30 Rogues.

Otomai seeked out the Voyagers to work on a special technomagical orb, akin to the Krosmoglob, that allows the Adventurers to safeguard their riches inside it. The adventurers have to authenticate themselves to get access. No Rogue can bypass this wonder of technology.

However, for one Sadida, this just wasn't enough. Link Maitems sought for a way to bind an Adventurers most precious items. But he understood that binding them would be too permanent, and the world is an ever changing place. Therefore he asked Selya Hegs to teach him how she was able to unbind the precious Eggs of so many Adventurers. With this knowledge he's giving Adventurers a new way to stop the mischievous Rogues in their tracks and keep their most precious items safe for all eternity - or, if they change their minds, for an additional 14 days.


To explain my idea in normal words:

There are many ways people can fall for malicious attacks to their accounts. Phishing websites, the unintentional sharing of private information that helps people bypass various secure questions or accidentally copy/pasting their password somewhere they shouldn't (and some other, ToS-breaking related practices, which is an ongoing practice nobody should dismiss with "it's against the ToS, they should've known better").

Ankama put a lot of effort to ensure that we, as players, can keep our accounts safe. Ankama Shield and the Authenticator app are great tools, the "Be careful" notice when clicking links and the inability to actually copy/paste their own password into the in-game chat are super helpful, too.

But especially the Shield and the Authenticator app have gotten negative reaction from various people. Some dislike smartphones altogether, and see the problem in losing all accounts when their phone and the backup codes get lost, or the inconvenience of having to click the "Unlock" button or entering a code for the Shield setup up to 8 times for their full team.

I'm proposing a way to help people in a new way. Go to an NPC, select any number of items you absolutely cannot afford to lose (some of us have played this game for well over a decade, some items we've acquired would be a tremendous and irreplaceable loss) and deliberately link them to your account. They're getting some sort of tag that this is a linked item that the player themself has linked, not any of the prelinked items given by Ankama (Veteran rewards, quest items, etc).

But what if you changed your mind? What if you decided it's time to part from an item that you linked to your account? You just visit the same NPC and select the items you want to have unlinked again and they'll turn into temporarily linked items, which can be traded and sold and moved around accounts after a short wait period of 14 days. This is to give you a grace period of 2 weeks in case someone managed to get into your account. They cannot sell your linked items right away and you'll have 2 weeks to tell Ankama that there was a breach, to get back into your account and to change your password.

Players shouldn't be punished for making mistakes. We shouldn't turn our backs when they lose their items. They, as us, put so many hours and money into this game. Losing all your items and having to start from scratch isn't a "valuable lesson". It's punishment. It will turn people away from the game.

Help another. Help yourself by staying safe. Or in the words of Bill and Ted:

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