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By Hntz - SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2019, 14:10:31

I'll just start this thread by saying that I am Epic -player with an active subscription.
As much as I am enjoying epic servers.. there are BIG faults, that need to be corrected.
So how about starting off with a proper dofuswiki for english players??
I HATE checking up details and details about quest bosses.. that end up being outdated and lacking.
My last death was at Otomai's monster because I didn't remember how the monster scaled with character's level, and although I checked how strong the otomai's monster (in Beware of the beast! -quest) should have been, I ended up facing a much stronger monster because it had scaled to higher state already..
The same thing goes for dungeon monsters' lacking info of skills in dofuswiki.

Please Ankama, address this issue as fast as possible.

It is of great importance since most english speaking -people don't speak or understand french and therefore do not have the access to french database. Thank you!

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Try Dofuspourlesnoobs (in french) but there's the option when you search it in google to translate the page. Its what I use for all new quests etc.

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