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The evidences proving that the Iop is out of balance

By Xxx-anti-xxX - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 02, 2019, 04:59:19
Hello everyone

I will approach the class Iop in this topic, a little reminder back will not hurt
Since the beginning of the first years of Dofus the Iop was by far the best Roxor, there was Iop's Wrath with + 240 damage,  Sword of Fate hit in eroded percentage.
On the other hand now it is clear that some classes can hit better, you know them all, not worth mentioning the names.

You said that the change on the Iop is going to be superficial because you find that the Iop is balanced, I will quote some Iop spells prove the opposite:
  • Friction: The end of the spell description stipulates: The caster must be in line with the target. This makes the spell almost unusable.
  • Destructive Sword: the attraction mechanism presents more harm than good, most Fire Iops, prefer to play remotely so it is obvious that this spell should be reviewed as soon as possible.
  • Condemnation: Frankly I have never met anyone using it, it would have been much better if you replaced its damage by mono-element air and its variant "Judgment sword" in mono-element fire.
  • On the other hand: you claim that the water Iop is a good Tank, but I see the opposite almost all classes of game can Debuff so Shields will be in vain.
In my humble opinion I propose that the shields of Iop become NO- debuffable.
  • Divine Sword: Using this spell to hit is from the past, now the main role of the spell is the Boost, however this Boosts is not worthy of its name because with 6 AP .we earn 40 damage you do not find it small ?
  • Vitality: 20% for 4 turns, not bad, it would have been a lot better if you replaced this old mechanic with a lot more useful than a damage reduction spell or a spell of HEAL of 13% .
  • Grip: it is necessary to put the intacleur state on the target, because if the opponent has much of the tackle we will have to do the release spell, so that wasting 6APto immobilize the target is totally unfair.
  • Fit of Rage: As many have said, it should be cast on ally without inflicting damage.
  • Most spells with Probability of Critical Hit 5%.
  • Outpouring : It was the only spell to get closer to the targets without spending a lot of AP contrary the Jump spell.
  • Power: Often the spell serves only one turn, it would have been so much better if you increased its duration by 1 turn.
  • Conquest: it must become like the Tactical Beacon of Crâ the first one disappears if a second invoked
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