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More Flexible Characters

By IceN - SUBSCRIBER - July 12, 2019, 23:20:24

Would it be possible to have a mechanism where the player, on a per character basis, decides what their instance of a class will be more skewed to & have it changeable periodically (a week, a month, a year ???) ?

Using the example below, someone who picks damage would be locked into that skew for a set period of time.

For example, under the "Characteristics" screen have buttons for:

  1. Damage
  2. Buffer
  3. Debuffer
  4. Positioner
  5. etc

When one of the buttons is pressed a "Psudo Profile" will be applied to the base class (read as the way the classes are now) that applies specific multipliers to the damage/characteristics of a character and applies changes to the spells.

This would be different for each class and could open up a new way for all the classes to be played.

For example, an Xelor with a skew towards damage would have the spell Clock modified to take less AP and and deliver more damage and possibly make it non-linear...just an example.

Thoughts, comments??
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Are you suggesting class specializations or simply a multiple-deck builder to quickly swap character build/set?

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I am not talking about class specializations since we already have that.

Please explain what multiple-deck builder is; I am not familiar with it.

What I am thinking of goes beyond gear & points distribution as ShadowOfDeath is talking about below.

For example: we have spell variants, now take into consideration the 4 buttons mentioned in the first post. If a character is "Damage Skewed" :

  1. Spells and their variants will do more damage (base damage)
  2. Would loose/gain certain attributes such as an Xelor loosing the ability to take AP with clock when it is "damage skewed" & gaining +10 to base damage and an attribute like attraction/pushback

If a character is "Debuffer Skewed" their spells are modified to support a debuffer role that is in line with that classes story; an Xelor won't be taking MP because of the debuff skew but would have more ways to take AP.

I hope this explains the idea more...
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i think he is talking about class specializations, but im not sure if we need it. each class got already 3 or 4 roless and its enought. more specializations -> more confuse for new players which is not good. also imo its enought as it is now.
all what we have now to improve "specialization" are essembles. Just pres c - characteristinck and blow them there is button "essembles". u can use this thing to specyfice your build and save it. expl: 
name:-full movement build-
icon: foot
characters points: all into agi
spells: all jumps, teleportaions, swamps from your spells wariants.
then pres save and done.

im using like 10 or more of it. liek full pp biggrin, full tank, full dmg, dmg tank balans, and many many more. its very helpful. 

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