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Make maps automatically change starting spots every 60 minutes + on monster kill

By GameCorruption - SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2019, 10:15:54

Back in days maps starting spots were fixed and they did not change, later you made maps change its starting locations when you kill a monster mob. However since there are more clsoe combat variations then ranged ones you can run through alot of high level areas with all but close combat maps. People do not do these mobs on close combat maps beacuse its impossible to do so with idols without getting absolutely hammered.

My proposal is to make starting spots on all maps change on a cycle of 60 minutes to a different layout, this way exploring areas feels alot more exciting knowing that there could actually be a map of your liking and maps would not stay stagnant forever beacuse people do not even try to change its starting spot by killing mobs.

Running around in an area for 10 minutes without a single good map kills all my motivation for me to play this game and even when you try switch starting spot by killing a monster mob you are not guaranteed to get a different layout, most of the time its the same or a simmilar one.

Alot of the high level zones are deserted and this change could help boosts its population and make the game more enjoyable to play.

old school player

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