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Make An Eternal Harvest a Treasure Hunt Quest"

By Faark - SUBSCRIBER - July 30, 2019, 09:38:31

So I've recently started playing on Ilyazelle, and have only found 2 archmonsters in the entire time I've been playing, and with the cheapest archmonsters going for 200.000 kamas and the most expensives goes for millions, I don't see myself ever completing the quest.


You've implemented this awesome feature called treasure hunts, and I feel that if Otomai's assistant would send you on a treasure hunt for every single arch (And only the arch) you'd still have a very long grind ahead of you, but it would be possible for everyone to actually achieve this, no matter what timezones or whatever they live in. The normal souls and the dungeon souls you should still run for yourself, but I feel this would let a lot more "normal" people actually try and achieve for the ochre dofus - Without it being less of a "eternal harvest"

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Anything that relies on respawning times on Ily is such a pain. Bounty quests, gathering professions, etc. I wish the spawn timers were faster depending on how many people were on. 

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It would be pretty weird from a flavour perspective to have Otomai send you on treasure hunts. Every primordial dofus quest has a theme:

Emerald: Bounty hunting
Crimson: Treasure hunting
Turq: Idols
Ochre: Soul capturing
Ivory: Alignment quests
Ebony: Infinite dreams

People often think archs are much more rare than they really are because 90% of people regularly walk on 2% of maps. If you make an active effort to raster across an entire zone, it is very likely that youll come across at least one arch.

Also, EH isn't really meant to be done actively. More of a passive thing, just grab every arch you see for a while, find someone to trade archs with, and eventually itll get done. 


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