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Fourth choice at Kolizeum

By Xxx-anti-xxX - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2019, 12:23:38


I created this topic hoping to see it by Ankama, and that be taken into consideration .

I have a proposal that could give a particular luster to the eternal conflict between Brâk and Bonta and improve the performance of the game in PvP.

The creation of a fourth choice at Kolizeum specific to PvP Brâkmarians players against Bontarians in which there will be a system of Ranks and new awards related to wings and cosmetic items.

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   Nice, I actually really like this idea. I'd say rather than making a 4th kolo option though, I'd do a second kolo tab that is just for brak and bonta pvp, and have the same options for 1v1 3v3 group and rano 3v3. the rewards would be wings and cosmetics in this tab too. I like where this is going though smile

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