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Suggestion: display challenges in the Dream Guardians preview window

By yloocyloow - SUBSCRIBER - August 09, 2019, 06:22:07

Before 2.52 was released in July, the optimal (though slow, and with a few exceptions) approach to progression in the infinite dreams was purchasing insurance and repeatedly forfeiting to the most overall-rewarding fight until doable challenges with high bonus rates were rolled.

Obviously, that wasn’t a fun system. It forced players to choose between optimizing their reward (that would in turn enable them to beat the more difficult floors) at the cost of spending most of their time boringly, repetitively forfeiting fights, or as most did, use a sub-optimal strategy to advance in the dreams.

With 2.52 challenges in the infinite dreams remained the same after a defeat, meaning they're permanent. This largely fixes the problem, but two issues remain.

Firstly, more often than not, completing challenges on difficult fights requires specific preparation in gear, idols and team composition. So players either need to buy insurance, start a fight to check out the challenges, forfeit and plan accordingly, or continue playing as a standard composition for the boss they’re fighting, hoping they’ll manage to complete the challenges in spite of them not being optimally suited for them.

Secondly, whenever there are two (or more) paths with similar rewards on the same floor, the optimal strategy requires purchasing insurance, starting a fight in each room to view the challenges, forfeiting each time, manually calculating the rewards granted from each room assuming the challenges are completed successfully and only then make a choice.

Clearly, this isn’t nearly as bad as before 2.52, optimal progression doesn’t require forfeiting fights a dozen times per floor. But still, the optimal strategy involves at least one forfeit per floor.

This can be entirely solved by simply displaying the challenges of each room in the floor preview window. Like so: (original screenshot by Volcasaurus)

An additional quality of life improvement would be displaying the rewards gained by completing the room with or without each challenge, maybe have a small tab below each challenge icon.

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