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New Guild and Alliance Logos

By IDivideByZero - SUBSCRIBER - August 21, 2019, 13:38:00

Self-explanatory title. I'm sure no one on Dofus would mind new logos. The logos badly need a breath of fresh air. I'm assuming they're not hard to implement at all, and would just look way nicer. We've had the same logos for years and years. About time we're given a couple of new png's, I'd say.

It's so simple, and I promise you no one on Dofus would mind new logos. This can only be a bonus. For God's sake, give us new logos.

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Yep, good idea !!!
Even if it is achievement/ crafting logo & emblem potion/ quest, LOL.
It can't be hard to do, nor to implement ig.
I'm thinking of changing my guild logo/ colors, but then again, the same as when I have made it look the way it is now ... I find myself blinking and yawning and nodding in front of laptop. There's so lil variety in there.

Sooooo ...
... GIVE US NEW LOGOS AND EMBLEMS !!!  wub kiss tongue PRETTY PLEASEEEEE !!! wub kiss tongue

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I never found lack of icons on making logos. They have all topics covered. But what I would suggest, is add secondary color on guild background, so we can get kind of 2 colored guild costumes maybe.

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