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In game notification window for freshly released patches

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - August 27, 2019, 21:11:06

Good evening.

I was wondering if some sort of notification window could be implemented in game, when there is a freshly released patch?
Like, for example, that notification window, for dungeon rushers, when they begin, at first log in; or something fancier, like the ones done for new updates?

Just to say something like: "A new patch has been deployed. We would strongly recommend that you close all clients and launcher, and reopen launcher to allow for patch to be implemented."

On many patches, many times, (some of) my Dofus clients either bug, or lag, or simply froze.
And I got no clue that it is only cuz game needs to be updated.

On latest patch, from tonight, just a little earlier, my clients got unresponsive, laptop hyper laggy; it took me forever to be able to close everything Dofus related. Then I had a few failed attempts to re-start the launcher, but I was either getting an error msg that a launcher is already open, or the clients didn't work.
In the end, I had to reboot laptop.
Only to find that there was a simple fix: to have logged off sooner, to have closed launcher sooner, then reopen it, to update game.

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